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How To Boost Your Content Marketing That Makes Millions Of Customers?

Boost Your Content Marketing

How To Boost Your Content Marketing That Makes Millions Of Customers?

Dreaming millions of customers is easy but creating a roadmap that makes your business dream successful is difficult.

NOIDA, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA, March 18, 2021 / -- Few years back, BMW- the world's iconic automotive brand becomes the first company to use content marketing for creating engagement between their customers and product.

Jorg Poggenpohl who is the global head of digital marketing at BMW explained at Mobile World Congress 2019 "BMW is extending its content beyond automotive to enlarge the upper sales funnel", meaning they are also creating content around lifestyle, fashion, design, and innovation.

It shows how content marketing is important in the industry when it comes to expand brand visibility and reach out to new customers.

Your customers want valuable content from your business. And content marketing helps businesses to do this. By implementing engaging content marketing, it increases conversions, boosts revenue, and establishes you as an industry leader.

But all of these are possible when you know how to reach a large number of audiences. Otherwise, with a handful number of customers, your content marketing would be a failure and won't generate high ROI.

Here, eSearch Logix has brought the most effective content marketing strategy that can enable your business to reach millions of customers. Our digital marketing team at eSearch Logix conducted deep research on various campaigns of brands to know what made their content run so successful. And below are the key takeaways.

So if you want to boost your content marketing, implement these strategies and see how impressively your content will engage millions of customers.

Add Storytelling
People love stories, not marketing. When you tell a story about your products, services, and values, it connects the audience with your business. Today's consumers show very low interest in conventional online marketing campaigns.

But by adding a story to your content marketing strategy, your business could enhance the value proposition of the product or solution by 20 times.

Here are some useful examples that guide how storytelling can improve your content marketing.
• Build an emotional connection through your content
• Increase brand recognition by adding your core values
• Convert visitors into curious customers
• Create compelling stories that can go viral
• Create your brand persona
• Brainstorm with amazing storytelling ideas
• Launch a story campaign

Focus on ORM
Online Reputation Management (ORM) is about tracking and improving how your business or company is viewed online. It simply means looking and analyzing what a potential customer, visitor, or partner will discover about your brand, product & services when they search on Google.
Therefore, your content marketing team should focus on the company's ORM strategy to increase brand value.

Customers consume your content when they find it reliable. If your brand image is not reputed on Google, chances are there your content will struggle to engage the audience, despite its good quality.

After all, it is the trust that drives business results. If your team lacks expertise, you should consult a reputed digital marketing agency and avail their ORM packages according to your budget. This will help your team to expedite the process more efficiently.

Use the power of Video
Today's customers like to see the content than to read. Industrial psychologists suggest video has more elements to attract human attention than text materials.

LinkedIn is prioritizing video in their newsfeed and getting a good number of views. Therefore, include the power of video in your content marketing campaigns and earn a huge ROI. It can influence even the laziest buyers.

How to use video in content marketing:
• Create Facebook live video
• Offer Interview-based video
• Provide informative video with attractive animations
• Create brand storytelling
• Show behind the scenes video

Make sure your video is short and brief, and has the ability to grab audience attention in the first 10 seconds.

Create Evergreen Content
You should know what are the best types of content that drive high traffic to your website. Conduct deep research and collect data about the preferences and tastes of your customers.
Most businesses create buyer personas of their leads. You should segment the target audience to know what specific content will help them personally on their various needs.

Hence, creating content that gives solutions to customer's needs has high potential to survive long on the Internet. This is ultimately called evergreen content. And to help you, below are mentioned the most effective types of content:

• Videos
• Infographics
• Blogs
• Product Review
• Case Studies
• Interviews
• White Papers
• Podcasts
• Social Media Posts

Create Content Marketing Plans
The ultimate goal of content marketing is to attract more people that show interest in your company's products & services.

No matter whether you are a B2B company, enterprise, startup, or fresh entrepreneur, you have to prepare a marketing strategy that resonates with customer's behavior and their needs.

Dreaming of millions of customers is easy but creating a roadmap that makes your business dream successful is difficult.

Here are those steps to create content marketing strategy:
1. Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) goals of content
2. Segment your target audience
3. Determine your KPIs
4. Decide the type of content
5. Set a budget
6. Choose the topic or keyword
7. Do your research?
8. Start the content creation process
9. Distribute on different channels
10. Analyze and measure the results

If you think you are a perfect engineer to create such strategy and ready to bear the cost of associated risks, go ahead.

But what is highly advisable here to contract with a digital marketing company that offer effective content marketing plans.

They are professionally dedicated to this work. This will save your time and allow your team to concentrate on other important areas.

And eSearch Logix is a decade-old company which has helped many businesses and companies in implementing their content marketing strategies and made their brand campaigns successful on different channels.

Explore our achievements and if you find us the right one for your digital marketing, let’s have an interactive discussion.

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