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The Chameleon's Journey by Edmund Ato Kwaw

A Must Read, Edmund Kwaw's new novel, The Chameleon's Journey

ACCRA, GREATER ACCRA, GHANA, March 13, 2021 / -- Edmund Ato Kwaw’s new work, The Chameleon’s Journey, published by Benchmark Publishing and just released, manages to tell a powerful story while giving readers the chance to reflect deeply on their lives and their relationships with others; especially those who are most impacted by the decisions they make. The predominant theme in The Chameleon’s Journey is forgiveness but others such as love, fate, kindness, and hope manifest significantly. Through the lives of the individuals in the Jonah household, and by simultaneously alluding to the story of the Chameleon, Edmund Kwaw implores the reader to come to their own quiet understanding and realization of the mystery of their journey. Using effective dialogue, Ato Kwaw exposes the reader to valuable proverbial lessons, admonishing the reader never to belittle themselves. He mentions that “the path that the chameleon threads in the forest is different from that of the Crocodile, it does not however make it inferior”. He also delves also into the patriarchal nature of our societies, by exposing society’s often crude determination of a woman’s worth. He details how society places certain burdens on women even in matters over which humans have no control. He reveals how patriarchy is often upheld by women themselves, even when they have been affected by it. Kwaw masterfully weaves a tale full of lessons, yet in an unimposing manner. By placing the reader in the shoes of the chameleon, he underscores to the reader that though there will be traps, pitfalls, and problems in their journey, they will eventually get to their destination; more so, it is the journey that matters and not the destination. The Chameleon’s Journey is a book with powerful themes, and E. Ato Kwaw delivers it with an intelligent mastery of language. The skillful use of imagery stirs varying emotions in the reader as they journey with the characters in the book. It is a powerful book about the virtues of life, espoused through the individual characters, except perhaps Kweku whose adult life is not much developed. The Chameleon’s Journey is a carefully crafted and well-written story. By this book, E. Ato Kwaw cements himself as a fantastic storyteller.

Book Review by Naana Antwi-Larbi

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