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A New Type of Sun Sign Prediction

Screenshot of the Daily Fortune Telling Cards

Screenshot of the Daily Fortune Telling Cards

A new, engaging form of daily horoscope prediction is launched for syndication by, a leading astrology website.

© is a leading astrology website and has been in the online since June 2003.”
— PowerFortunes
NAHAN, HIMACHAL PRADESH, INDIA, March 8, 2021 / -- A new form of zodiac sign, horoscope predictions has been developed by a leading astrology website, These predictions are based on fortune telling cards and can be used to create daily, as well as weekly horoscope predictions.

Normal horoscope predictions are based on blocks of text, describing what lies in the future of each zodiac sign. These new, fortune telling card based predictions are of a pictorial nature and are depicted through the colourful, visually appealing PowerFortunes deck of fortune telling cards. Four unique cards are drawn for each sign and each card drawn, reveals something about the future of the sun sign in question. This makes for a wholly more engaging type of prediction.

In recent times there has been a steady increase in the popularity of horoscope predictions and many mainstream publications now carry text based daily, or weekly predictions. As these all follow the same text based format, such pages tend to be one-dimensional and somewhat undistinguishable. Users tend to skim over webpages that contain large blocks of text, resulting in a reduced time on site and advertising potential.

Integrating the PowerFortunes, card based predictions into an existing horoscope page, breaks up the text sections on the page, adding variety and richness. In this way, an otherwise regular horoscope page, can be made to stand out from the competition. These fortune telling card based predictions can of course, also be used to create new, standalone horoscope web pages. may be contacted through any of their official channels for details about syndicating this content. An example of these predictions can be viewed by clicking on the, ‘Demo for Fortune Telling Cards’ link on the ‘Fortune Telling Cards’ page, at .

The main features of the card based horoscope predictions are:
1. They are engaging, increase the number of returning users and their dwell time. Also, people who follow their horoscopes generally find content relating to cartomancy/tarot, to be of interest. Therefore, these fortune telling cards will make a great addition to the existing horoscope related content of an online publication.
2. Providing this content on a horoscope webpage, will allow a publisher more ad displaying opportunities. The combination of greater user on-page time and user engagement will increase the CPM and CPC of the ads displayed and hence, the overall ad revenue generated by a horoscope page, can be increased.
3. These cards are a form of divination called cartomancy and are similar to tarot cards. The cards themselves contain very detailed art work. PowerFortunes maintains that by allowing syndication of these card based predictions, they are offering their most powerful content to other networks.
4. PowerFortunes have developed liquid, responsive iframes through which this content can be integrated into client pages. This content is light, fast, adapts to all device screen sizes and adjusts to most template layouts. These iframes can be integrated into a webpage through a small HTML code snippet. A demo page of this content can be viewed by clicking on the, ‘Demo for Fortune Telling Cards’ link on the ‘Fortune Telling Cards’ page, at .
5. also have available other means for the efficient and easy distribution of their daily and weekly horoscope predictions.
Divination through fortune telling cards is not a new concept, but have used their expertise in the tarot and cartomancy, to develop the art work and copy that is employed in these unique fortune telling cards. A complete deck of ' Fortune Telling Cards' contains a total of 32 cards. There are four suits, with eight cards in each suit. The lowest denomination of a suit is the 'Seven' of that suit and the highest denomination is 'Ace'.

The four cards drawn for the daily predictions are updated at 00:00 EDT (New York, USA) time, while the four cards drawn for the weekly predictions are available every Sunday, at 00:03 PST and every Monday, at 23:30, EDT, depending on subscriber needs.

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