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Mokusei aims to spread the word about among students, travelers, and individuals who seek sponsorship for education or travel to find BETA Testers.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
— Albert Einstein
BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, March 8, 2021 / -- Mokusei Intelligence - a young social impact & education-centric tech company newly incorporated on 17 February 2021 Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, officially recognized by the Government of India as a high potential Startup on 25 February 2021 - provides financial support, sponsorship, or reimbursement of funds to people for education and travel if they become BETA Testers for Mokusei and help to test & deploy company software.

Whenever BETA Testers will help test the software for Mokusei, they will generate useful data which Mokusei aims to use for developing AI/ML based algorithms and tech solutions to solve social challenges like educational inequity, legal aid & justice dispensation, socio-cultural rifts & divide, political reform & systemic change, free & fair journalism among others.

Cheating in online examinations has become a major problem for educators and educational institutes worldwide - . This malpractice not only impacts the analysis of a student's learning abilities, reputations of educational institutes, bottom-line of edtech companies, etc but also creates a biased and unfair system that allows the cheating candidates to move up ahead on the education & opportunities ladder while penalizing the sincere, honest, genuine hard-working students who put in their complete effort to make a future for themselves. These good students fail to turn their lives around as their scores and rank take a hit and get pushed down or become meaningless because of a system that not only does not penalize miscreants and cheaters but also allows them to thrive. They lose out on opportunities, good jobs, employment, and so on - vicious circle forces even the good students to ultimately resort to unfair practices and means simply to keep up with the (false) competition.

While most of the current proctoring services are browser and desktop/laptop based, they are also not foolproof. Mokusei's first focus and aim are to develop an exclusive mobile-only digital supervision and assessment platform which detects instances of cheating, unethical practices, defrauding, and so on in remote digital online examinations or assessments worldwide. For gathering relevant data to train its engines, Mokusei is developing its flagship test conducting app -- The app aims for a May 2021 launch while Mokusei's First ever BETA Test to collect and gather relevant real-time, exam-time-student-behaviour data is scheduled to be conducted in August 2021.

Considering massive fees - Individuals who register for this BETA Test and become Mokusei's BETA Testers can get up to 100% funding support or reimbursement of fees spent for their education depending on the score and rank that they achieve in the BETA Test. BETA Testers who want to use funding they are entitled to receive for travel purposes instead of education may do so. This special benefit and reward is currently reserved only for individuals who fill up the "Fund Seeker" Form (or "Subscription" Form) on the website BEFORE 30 April 2021 to indicate their interest in the BETA Test. Mokusei needs this information and data to plan logistics & company financials in advance. The 'Fund Seeker' form is only for the purpose of gathering data and not a confirmation or commitment to Mokusei's BETA Test pilot. Visitors who fill up this form can freely change their minds later about registering for the BETA Test when they actually download, install, and use the app upon launch. They are free to choose to not become Mokusei's BETA Tester.

While the BETA Test has a Registration Fee component attached to it, individuals and users have an option to earn a registration fee waiver to take the BETA Test free of cost in case they do not wish to or are unable to pay the registration fees for the BETA Test. Mokusei wants to spread the word about to education/travel enthusiasts out there in so they become BETA Testers for Mokusei if they wish to.

The company is currently inviting journalists, reporters, press members, bloggers, social media influencers, podcast hosts, higher ed educators, edtech experts, travel enthusiasts with followers from all over the world to visit and explore the website Mokusei Team will be happy to answer any questions or queries that reviewers might have about and Mokusei Intelligence. If any Press member requests a guided exploration of the website, Mokusei founder Ashish Bohora will be glad to arrange for a session accordingly.

Reviewers may choose to publish or broadcast about to their followers, readers, or audiences only if they like the website, the (intentionally designed) navigational experience, and the thought/idea/concept behind Mokusei wishes to stay true to the principles of integrity and honesty. While the company is not into unethical practices of offering bribes to influencers, press members, podcast hosts for the purposes of fake and false publicity or positive reviews, it also appreciates and understands the hard work, effort, and thought that goes behind writing stories, covering topice, or giving reviews.

Mokusei has decided to waive off registration fee for the first 36 reviewers who truly like the idea/concept and cover for spreading the word to their audience, followers, or readers before 14 March 2021. They must cover out of inner motivation and only if they themselves like the thought, team, future plans, etc. These reviewers must transparently tell their audiences and followers about the registration fee waiver they receive from Mokusei so people can make honest, informed choices. Mokusei wants to waive off registration fees for these reviewers as a gesture of thanks and appreciation so they may appear for the BETA Test free of cost to become Mokusei's BETA Testers and try their shot at becoming eligible to receive funding from Mokusei to cover their education fees or travel expenses. Mokusei will also NOT stop reviewers who dislike the idea/concept and disparage or criticize - however, registration fee waiver for BETA Test will not be applicable to such reviewers.

Interested reviewers may feel free to connect with Ashish preferably before 11 Feb so that word about can go out by 14 March.

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