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Tech startup Mokusei Intelligence that Sponsors your Education & Travel, revises guidelines for '$500 Press Challenge'

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Rules for the '$500 Press Challenge' have been revised to welcome entries from storytellers, artists & communicators that are made in languages of their choice.

Security is mostly a superstition. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”
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BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, March 8, 2021 / -- India-based social impact Tech Startup Mokusei Intelligence offers up to 100% Financial Aid and Sponsorship to people for covering Education or Travel expenses in exchange for their help with testing Mokusei's 'Cheating-Detection' EdTech Software. Mokusei is currently reaching out to people from all across the world with an invitation to apply to become Mokusei's 'BETA Testers'.

This invitation is open to all people all over the world and is not restricted to just students alone. Even individuals who have already graduated and finished with their education can apply to become Mokusei's BETA Testers - and they can receive up to 100% reimbursement of the funds that they have spent or paid on their tuition fees. This funding that is provided by Mokusei Intelligence is NOT a loan and DOES NOT have to be returned back to the Company.

Some sections of the website like 'Subscribe', 'Home', 'About', 'How-it-Works' require visitors to enter email for identity verification to allow access.

'Fund Seekers' who are interested in receiving funds from Mokusei for education or travel must appear for the BETA Test (scheduled to be held in august 2021) on Mokusei's upcoming flagship EdTech mobile app - - and generate data that will be used by the Company to train and develop AI/ML based algorithms to develop software that detects cheating and unethical student behavior in online exams worldwide. These 'Fund Seekers' will become Mokusei's FIRST batch of BETA Testers.

Mokusei announced its EARLY BIRD REWARD PROGRAM on its website to gather initial interest and basic information from 'Fund Seekers' through its 'Subscription or Fund Seekers' form for the purpose of planning for logistics. This information will help the Company in making funding arrangements & for figuring out future strategies to plan a roadmap for growth, innovation, and evolution. It will also help the Company in terms of financial projections and valuations.

'Fund Seekers' interested in joining the Early Bird Reward Program and becoming Mokusei's BETA Testers for receiving reimbursement of education fees, funding aid, and support for upcoming education or travel - who fill up the 'Subscription' or 'Fund Seekers' form on the website before 30 April 2021 - will be eligible to receive exclusive early bird offers and benefits from Mokusei when they register for the BETA Test on the app upon launch. There is no cost or fee for filling the 'Fund Seekers' form and visitors who fill the form are free to change their mind later if they wish, and decide not to register for Mokusei's BETA Test to become Mokusei's BETA Testers.

In addition to the Early Bird Reward Program mentioned above Mokusei had also announced its FIRST ever '$500 Press Challenge' earlier this month. Mokusei announced this challenge to seek out some of the best untapped, unnoticed, undiscovered, raw talent and communicators out there for upcoming and future projects.

This challenge is open to absolutely any individual who is creative, artistic, or articulate -- including Journalists, Reporters, Bloggers, Audio & Video Podcast Hosts, & Media Persons -- from all over the world. Mokusei seeks the creative, quirky storytellers & interaction wizards hidden among the masses to articulate and explain better to the larger audiences and world out there what and Mokusei are all about in a simple yet effective, interactive, engaging, creative manner.

The purpose of '$500 Press Challenge' is to gather work samples from creative brains and beings to find the right candidates who can join the Mokusei Tribe and create good art, content, media for the Company. The Applicant - or team of applicants - who ace this challenge will receive a compensation of $500 for the work or entry submitted - and Mokusei will be glad to sign a long-term contract with them or offer them a consultant role for some of Mokusei's upcoming projects.

Details of '$500 Press Challenge' can be found on The Press Challenge page of the website. This challenge was originally asked for submissions and entries from candidates in English language only. But on popular demand and on special requests, Mokusei Intelligence updated rules and guidelines for its FIRST ever '$500 Press Challenge' announced last week.

In the first iteration of rules, expected submissions and entries were to be designed and made in the English language only. Also, applicants were not allowed to seek clarity from the Mokusei team, or have their questions and doubts answered in case of ambiguous information or unclear information.

As per the NEW set of rules and guidelines, however, applicants can make and submit their art, work, or creation in any language of their choice -- targeted towards, & tailored for, whatever audience they think is fit for this challenge - and would get interested in what and Mokusei have to offer. They can also freely approach the Mokusei Founder in case they have any questions or queries that need clarity - or in case they want to conduct an interview and get to know the Mokusei team better.

The application process, steps to be taken by interested applicants, and criteria for evaluation have all been mentioned on the website. Candidates can choose to write their piece, or make their art & creation based on absolutely any part and aspect of the information & content that they understand and like. Entries can be as short as 30 seconds video clips or as long as properly researched articles, posts, or news stories which articulate and explain the idea/concept of and Mokusei Intelligence.

Some candidates will get priority consideration for evaluation from Mokusei - to check and find out who fits that bill or matches the criteria please visit

Mokusei has a very flexible work culture. Interested individuals may apply to work in part-time, freelance, or contract capacity in case they like Mokusei but are not in a position to contribute in a full-time capacity. In case you would like to work with Mokusei - or check out any openings and positions that might suit you - please visit

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