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Dipak Nandi MD Discusses How CRISPR is a Game Changer

Dipak Nandi MD, a pioneer in the field of positive psychology explains the dominance of digital technologies which are defining the healthcare world.

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2021 / -- Ever since scientists realized that changes in the DNA causes cancer, there has been enough research on how to implement easy ways to correct those by manipulating with the DNA. Although gene editing has been developed for a number of years, need for a sustainable and cheap technology has always been awaited.

The game changer finally occurred in the year 2013, with the gene editing tool named CRISPR with the ability to alter the DNA of human cells precisely with an easy to use scissor pairs. The convenience of the technology is fast becoming a mainstream methodology which is fast becoming an alternative to treating cancer and is moving out of the labs.

Digital healthcare for incisive treatment
Dipak Nandi MD explores the possibilities of digital transformation to a superior healthcare delivery. In the 4th Edition of the HealthTech conclave organized by The Bengal Chamber of Commerce, he explains how telemedicine has finally arrived at the forefront in driving patient care irrespective of logistics support and demographic barriers.

In a discussion with the panel, he observed “We know how healthcare apps are revolutionizing the treatment of non communicable diseases including cancer through retina scan. Also, how mental health interventions, gene editing are made possible with cutting edge platforms. Crisper has demonstrated unparalleled potential to eradicate diseases like cancer once and for all.”

As a veteran psychiatrist and someone with truckload of experience across different aspects of healthcare delivery in the United States of America, he takes key interest in learning more on how digital transformation is completely revolutionizing the world of care management and treatment of chronic non communicable diseases.

Development in the treatment of Monoclonal antibody
An essential step ahead in the development of monoclonal antibody is the characterization as well as final identification of specific antigen target. Like many other advances is the field of medicine and science, CRSIPR is also inspired by the nature. In this case as well the entire idea was taken from a simple defense mechanism which is found in some microbes such as the bacteria.

The reason CRSIPR is considered to be such a big deal is its convenience compared to any other gene editing tool. Also, it is completely customizable and edits virtually any segment of the DNA within the 3 billion letters of the human genome and is more precise than any other. The added bonus is that it is certainly cheaper than any other previous methods.

Dipak Nandi MD is of the opinion that CRISPR has the potential to change the face of gene editing. It like many other breakthrough methods has the ability to define the world of patient care and is available to any one even in the remotest of places without any involvement of logistics or demographic location.

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