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Marter for Congress Campaign Launching Grassroots Effort to Unseat Kinzinger

James Marter with House Freedom Caucus Member Congressman Jim Jordan

House Freedom Caucus Member Congressman Jim Jordan (left) with James Marter

Illinois voters want representation over media hype

OSWEGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2021 / -- Marter for Congress kicked off a grassroots campaign in February, with an interview on Sirius XM's Patriot Channel. The host said of Marter, " have here a serious primary candidate who's running on a juxtaposed set of principles to Adam Kinzinger. If you want Kinzinger out, don't complain about it, support the primary challenger."

With the race picking up attention, James Marter explains, "The Republicans will not have a big tent by embracing failed Democrat ideas. That's a betrayal of our base and looks weak and uninspiring to everyone else. Instead, I believe we'll become that big tent party by inviting in Democrats and Independents who are tired of being ruled by failed Democrat leaders. These are the new Republicans and it's exciting to see them uniting around conservatism. They really just needed to know they're welcome and they are, in my campaign."

New developments further confirm that grassroots is a winning strategy for the Marter Campaign. A "media darling" has entered the race, risking a split of the conservative vote. Marter confidently points out the disparity between Illinois voters and the D.C. Consultant Class and the "local media echo chamber."

"While I watched the House Freedom Caucus press conference on the radical Equality Act this week, a supporter of mine was posting on social media, clips from my debates when I ran in IL Congressional District 14. I had a good, informed answer about the Equal Rights Amendment. The person who has now entered this race, didn’t even recognize it by name. This is a major issue that affects a wide swath of conservative positions, from globally funding abortion to keeping custody of your children, to who belongs in girls’ sports and the religious freedoms of people of all faiths. We can’t be represented by people who don’t know the issues.”

"Some conservative media outlets and celebrity activists will have to do some soul searching about how they assess candidates," says Marter. The working and newly unemployed people of Illinois, no longer look at politics as a sporting event. It's a life and death struggle, literally, and people are very worried about the economy, their safety and their freedoms being taken away. They don't want a movie star or a party-switcher. They want a serious candidate who knows the issues and will protect them from government overreach.

No matter what you think of President Trump, a Marter candidacy holds the promise of proactive work to undo the Radical Left agenda and advance conservative principles of freedom, safety, prosperity and unity. Furthermore, picking someone who "can win" based on ethnicity, gender or money alone, is a failed process, says Marter. Instead, we're running on principles that create a rising tide of freedom and opportunity for all. Those are things that can unite us. They already would have if it weren’t for elements in the media and Democrats working so hard to divide us.

People are exhausted with politics. It's shallow and crooked and that's why it produces the wrong results. I'm injecting something else, that's neither shallow nor crooked. It's called principled conservatism. Illinois is dead last in a lot of things and it's not because of Republican policies. We don't want to export these things to the federal government any more than we already have and we don’t want to send someone who’ll get eaten in the D.C. Swamp and have no effect. Neither inexperience nor “leftist lite” will accomplish great things for America.

“At some point, We The People must reject the failed methodologies for picking candidates and put our support behind someone who has the knowledge and fortitude to bring about real change. I'm that candidate and you'll find me at ."

James Marter, a graduate of Purdue University, is a small business owner of a professional ERP software and consulting company, with a national and international practice and 34 years of experience. He is a life-long Republican and Chairman of the Kendall County, Illinois GOP.


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