David Drebin Has Released a New Spectacular Publication “Collectors Edition”

David Drebin, Girl in the Orange Dress, 2009 © David Drebin / teNeues

David Drebin, Splashing Heart, 2018 © David Drebin / teNeues

David Drebin at work, courtesy of David Drebin

David Drebin, Cover of the book "Collectors Edition" © David Drebin / teNeues

David Drebin, a prominent international photographer and artist, has released “Collectors Edition,” a new spectacular publication featuring his iconic works.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, US, March 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- David Drebin, a prominent international photographer and artist, has released a new spectacular publication titled “Collectors Edition.” Featuring Drebin’s 50 most iconic photographs, it represents a unique portfolio of the artist’s work, which comes in an XXL limited edition of 500 copies, numbered and signed. “Collectors Edition” is David Drebin’s seventh book published by the German publishing company teNeues. The publication is already available for sale, with texts in English, French, and German.

David Drebin is a Canadian-born New York-based multidisciplinary artist, photographer, and author known for his limited-edition photographs, sculptures, neon light installations, lightboxes, and etchings on glass. David Drebin’s work combines psychological and voyeuristic viewpoints, offering the viewers a dramatic insight into experiences and emotions they have already felt at some point in their lives.

David Drebin studied at Parsons School of Design in NYC, from where he graduated in 1996. After graduation, he quickly made a name for himself in the world of commercial photography and advertising. His outstanding images of movie stars, entertainers, sports personalities, and other celebrities became known around the globe and earned the talented photographer commissions for numerous high-profile advertising campaigns worldwide.

Today, David Drebin is one of the most renowned and celebrated photographers, whose work has been featured at many prestigious art fairs and shown in numerous exhibitions all over the world, including in Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Istanbul. His incredible images captivate with their cinematic, narrative style featuring dreamlike cityscapes and landscapes, as well as beautiful femme fatales in dramatic, imaginative settings.

“Collectors Edition” is a unique collection of David Drebin’s iconic works, featuring 50 high-resolution color photographs once released in limited editions and featured at the leading art exhibitions and fairs around the globe. All of the works are distinguished by the artist’s very own signature style that has made his photographs instantly identifiable as “Drebins.” The book itself is also a work of art. This dramatic, epic, and cinematographic 128-page masterpiece has been released in an oversized format in a numbered edition of only 500 copies worldwide, making it an incredibly valuable and collectible item.

David Drebin is often called a storyteller, and “Collectors Edition” is a comprehensive guide into his world of beautiful photographic stories, which encourages the viewer to dream. Using distinctive lighting techniques to capture magical, alluring moments, David Drebin creates truly amazing images that are contemporary and classic at the same time. The best of his works are now featured in a single book that can be acquired by anyone who appreciates the captivating art of photography.

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