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How the Czech Republic slipped right into a Covid catastrophe, one misstep at a time

Instead, the current Czech catastrophe is akin to death by a thousand cuts, a result of dozens of tiny missteps, late decisions and botched public health messages, experts tell CNN.

On Friday, the government conceded it had no other choice but to impose a very strict lockdown starting Monday, just as much of the rest of the world is starting to talk about easing.

“The government has adopted an unfortunate strategy of making decisions based on the current hospital capacities, which means they often come too late,” said Jan Kulveit, senior research scholar at the Future of Humanity Institute, a multidisciplinary research institute at the University of Oxford, in England.

He said the number of patients in hospitals paints a delayed picture of the epidemic, because people tend to end up needing medical attention some time after getting infected.

“There is a huge difference between adopting the measures on time and waiting 10 days. A delay of 10 days, when the reproduction number is 1.4…