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Acclaimed Actress and Writer, Wendy Wilkins, Hits Amazon's Best Seller List with Memoir "Sex, Love, and Cops"

Wendy Wilkins

This is a huge milestone for Wendy Wilkins memoir, "Sex, Love & Cops".

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2021 / -- Acclaimed actress, writer, and recent Best of Los Angeles Award winner for “Best Memoir - 2021”, Wendy Wilkins, has just hit Amazon's #1 Best Seller's list! The Amazon Best Sellers list is a good indicator of how well a product is selling overall. Their category and subcategory best seller lists are aimed to highlight an item's rank and where it really stands out. This is a huge milestone for Wendy Wilkins memoir, "Sex, Love & Cops".

"I was ecstatic when I found out that I hit number one on the charts for Amazon Kindle. It is really amazing because there are so many great books out there and to get peoples attention feels like such an honor that people are enjoying my words and my story; it’s inspiring me to keep going," states Wendy Wilkins. "I really want to make it into a TV series much like in the vein of 'Sex and the City'. I hope that I can take people on a journey and that especially young women understand it’s OK not to have all the answers. I’m in the middle of writing the pilot now for the series so stay tuned. It is thrilling to know that it hit number one on the Amazon bestseller list for true crime biographies and knowing I have touched and connected with many people."

A memoir, following the true story of Wendy Wilkins as she joins the police force, a naive twenty-year-old cop in Melbourne, Australia, and discovers many firsts, her first arrest, murder, dead body, love, cop culture and a #metoo moment. The good, the bad and the ugly of life as a cop in Melbourne Australia, in the late 80's and early 90's. It is a fast paced and entertaining read with some wonderful characters, who just happen to be real. A peek inside the gritty underbelly of Melbourne's police world, through the lens of a young female cop. Wendy navigates this new world, while falling in love and being sexually awakened herself. Vignettes in the style of Candace Bushnell's "Sex and The City" novella.

Wendy Wilkins continues, "From my experiences in the 80s end early 90s, I feel like not that much has changed. We are still struggling with equality for men and women in the workforce, treating people differently because of the color of their skin, and it seems that bad people are getting away with things while the good ones often don’t come out on top. But I’m hopeful for the future and through the creative arts I hope I can shine a light on some areas that may change in an entertaining way."

Wendy Wilkins is an award winning actress, writer, filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Wendy is honored to have recently become an American citizen having lived here for years via London, originally from Australia. After being a young cop, Wendy became one of the most successful real estate agents in Australia, personally selling over a billion dollars in sales. Her creative passions kept calling her since she put shows on for her grandfather in her garage, when she was a little girl. The joy on his face still resonates with Wendy today. Wendy has won awards on the festival circuit, and been delighted to act in a number of award winning films and TV shows alongside many household names. Wendy also has a number of screenplays in various forms of development.

"This memoir is a fast, easy enjoyable read and I have had so many great reviews and been contacted by readers of all ages and all over the world, intrigued by the experience and some relating to being this age and all the feelings that come with learning and discovering and growing," states Wendy Wilkins. "Through shining a light in an entertaining way, I believe in positive change. I have learnt through movies, tv series, and readings about injustices & situations that I would never have been aware of or been as passionate about if I had just glimpsed a news article," states Wendy. "It is the main reason I became an actress/writer. Even if I can change one person's mind through the creative arts to have a more just and better life, it is worth it. I have felt it myself. If I can help someone feel better about their situation, laugh, get out a good cry, or not feel alone, that is my mission as an artist to help make the world a better place."

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