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Judecoin -- the holy grail of blockchain privacy and encryption

What is the Jude? The full name of Judecoin is Judecoin, which is translated into Chinese as Judah coin. Judecoin was proposed by ...

NY, USA, February 23, 2021 / -- What is the Jude? The full name of Judecoin is Judecoin, which is translated into Chinese as Judah coin. Judecoin was proposed by the Judecoin technical community in August 2020. Technical idea: to solve the underlying technical barriers of the Internet of Things blockchain, and realize the centralization of online, online and offline, and the trustless atomic swap trading system without any third party.

This is a fair, pre-published CryptoNote underlying protocol reference code. There are no presets or internals, and no part of the block reward is used for development. The Judecoin technology research and development team and the community put forward their own ideas and made contributions. Since the Judecoin technology ideas were put forward, the research and development team and contributors have upgraded the underlying technology of blockchain and made some significant improvements. Blockchains have been migrated to different database structures to provide greater efficiency and flexibility, minimum ring signature sizes have been set so that all transactions are private under authorization, and RingCT has been implemented to hide transaction amounts. Jude also upgrades the P2P payment in the blockchain, using atomic interchange technology, which effectively solves the trust crisis of third-party centralization, online and offline security payment without trust, and realizes cross-chain transaction. Almost all of them provide security or privacy improvements, or they facilitate usage. Judecoin continues to provide the necessary conditions for the development of the Internet of Things based on the goal of privacy and security.

Our Value
Judecoin is more than just technology. That's what technology stands for. Some important guidelines are listed below.

Users must be able to trust Judecoin and its transactions without the risk of error or attack. Judecoin offers full rewards to miners, who are the most critical members of the network that provides this safety. Transactions are secure in terms of encryption using the latest and most resilient encryption tools.

Judecoin takes privacy seriously, using CryptoNote's underlying protocol reference code. Judecoin needs to be able to protect users in court and protect the death penalty in extreme cases. All users must have full access to this level of privacy, whether they are technically competent or don't understand how Judecoin works. Users need to be confident in trusting Judecoin so that the person doesn't feel pressure to change their spending habits because of the risks others see.

Atomic exchange
Atomic swap is a technology that enables trustless peer-to-peer transactions between different types of digital assets. It belongs to cross-chain technology. Why to call atomic interchange, point to this interchange action to be carried out either completely, or do not carry out completely, interchange process has atomic sex. This transaction process (also known as atomic cross-chain transactions) is based on smart contracts that allow users to exchange desired tokens directly from their cryptoNote wallets. Thus, atomic exchange is essentially a point-to-point transaction across chains. In order to meet the needs of the development of the Internet of Things, Judecoin adopts the most advanced atomic interchange technology based on CryptoNote's underlying protocol.

Private digital currency
Judecoin is the cash of the IoT world. It's fast, private and secure. With Judecoin, you are your own bank. You can spend safely knowing that others can't see your balance or track your activity.

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