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Now on VOD: Enter the existential nightmare of THE BOX

The Box Directed by Sasha Sibley

The Box Starring Graham Jenkins

The Box Press Poster

Samera Entertainment and Midnight Releasing invite you to experience this hellish vision of an ego gone mad.

The Box is a freaky experience of a movie. It’s an exploration of how far someone will go to reach the unknown. The result is chilling.”
— Darrin Ramage

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, February 17, 2021 / -- New to VOD, a wildly ambitious actor becomes a prisoner of his own obsession in The Box, the psychologically terrifying new thriller from Midnight Releasing and writer/director Sasha Sibley.

The Box tells the story of Tyler Stevens (played by Graham Jenkins), a self-obsessed actor struggling to make it to the big time in Hollywood. His mask of sanity begins to slip due to a recurring nightmare where he finds himself trapped in a house of mirrors. He hustles to land the role of a lifetime only to learn that the movie he's auditioning for has a plot reminiscent of his nightmares.

The Box also stars Michelle Bernard, Aaron Groben, and Andrew Ableson. Writer/director Sasha Sibley infuses this work from numerous influences including existential philosophy and the lectures of literary masters like Fydor Dostoevsky. The inspiration from these classic sources provided plenty of thematic material for the anxiety inducing dread associated with the existential crisis at the center of the film.

“I had a lot of time alone to think and somehow that manifested into a movie about feeling trapped in a box.." - Sasha Sibley (writer/director)

After three years of putting together this cosmically intense roller coaster ride, The Box is now available at home on VOD

CEO of Midnight Releasing, Darrin Ramage is excited to include The Box in their February lineup, and says:

"The Box is a freaky experience of a movie. It’s an exploration of how far someone will go to reach the unknown. The result is chilling."

Here's your chance to experience the mentally torturous madness for yourself by checking out The Box on VOD from Midnight Releasing.

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