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New Book "Raising a Child Star" Provides Tips & Tools for Parents of Child Entertainers

A guide to navigating the entertainment industry for parents of aspiring child actors

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES , February 17, 2021 / -- What do Macaulay Culkin, Lindsay Lohan, Gary Coleman, Raven Symone, Daniel Radcliffe, and Leonardo DiCaprio all have in common?
Child stardom.

Hollywood certainly seems like an intimidating place to work, no matter how old you are. But there's no question that starting your career as a child can truly be tough. Sure, there can be a pretty big pay-off including fame, acclaim, and some pretty big paychecks, but the intense pressure put on child actors can be hard to manage. Still, the allure of traveling to new lands, exploring deeply dynamic characters, and maybe even getting to work with Denzel Washington pose tremendous incentives.

But how do you get your child started?

Parents seeking to support their children’s desire for the white-hot lights of Hollywood will soon have an innovative new resource to help them navigate.
"Raising a Child Star" by Diana Ivelis Cherubin-Wolfe was created to aid and inspire parents who support their child's passion for acting while increasing opportunities for success. Whether you seek to dive into the entertainment industry on your own or find ways to nurture your child's skillsets as they prepare for it when they come of age, "Raising a Child Star" presents a ton of tips and tools, and insights to guides you through the process.

The book answers questions like "How Do I Get My Child Started?" and How Do I find a Legit Talent Agent for my child?"

A successful talent agent in Los Angeles, Diana Ivelis Cherubin-Wolfe manages her son, Travis Wolfe Jr., who appears on the CBS primetime series "Bob Hearts Abishola," her oldest daughter, Aniya Wolfe, who is an award-winning filmmaker and international speaker, her youngest, Ariel Wolfe (7), who recently booked a co-star role on a popular Netflix series, and her husband, Travis Wolfe Sr., who is a new actor, transformational speaker, and coach.

Her book addresses questions such as:
1. How do I know if acting professionally is right for my child?
2. My child wants to be an actor. How do I get them started?
3. At what age should I get my child professional headshots?
4. Should I put my child in acting classes?
5. How do I find an agent for my child?
6. When is the best time of year to submit to an agent?
7. Does my child need an agent and a manager?
8. What does it take to be your child's manager?
9. What is SAG-AFTRA, and do we have to join?
10. Do we need to locate for my child to be successful?
11. If my child has no experience, how can I start their resume?
12. Where can I submit my child for jobs if they don't have an agent?
13. What is a pilot season?
14. What are the elements and tools needed for a great self-tape?
15. How do I help my child deal with rejection?
16. Are showcases worth it?
17. Should I start a social media page for my child?
18. How can acting benefit my child?
19. How do I avoid scams?
20. What is pilot season, and should my child be a part of it?

In an extremely competitive billion-dollar industry, navigating a fruitful career isn't impossible.

Learn the secrets of dealing with the pressures of being the supportive parent of a professional child actor by receiving early access to a few chapters of the book in a special pre-release on February 19.

Diana Ivelis knows, first-hand, the challenges of having a child who is a talented actor but not knowing how to get them started professionally. Since 2014, she’s been managing her three children in the entertainment industry, moving from their hometown in Pennsylvania to Southern California. With her experience and knowledge of the industry, she’s helped her son land a series regular role on a popular prime-time network television series.

Diana’s innate ability to successfully navigate the industry has led to her becoming a talent agent in Los Angeles—working in the youth department—submitting talented children for amazing opportunities and helping parents understand what is needed for their children to succeed. She is most active in her “Affirm Your Star” Facebook group and YouTube channel where she shares tips, tools, and resources that can aid any supportive parent in helping their child become a successful actor.

Since the age of 21, Diana Ivelis, a Philadelphia native, was a licensed cosmetologist who designed hair and make-up behind the scenes for photoshoots, fashion shows, and other events before her children exposed her to the world of entertainment.

In 2010, her oldest Aniya started taking theater classes, which led to each of her three children landing representation in the spheres of print, television, and film by 2014. Eventually, all three children exercised different paths within the entertainment realm, but they all continued to grow within their respective spaces. Through these experiences, she has furthered a unique understanding of just how the modern entertainment industry functions in front of the camera and behind the scenes and shares these lessons to encourage and inspire other families.

Join Diana Ivelis Cherubin-Wolfe on March 14, 2021, "National Write Your Story Down Day” for a virtual book signing. Visit these social sites for more information, deals, and discounts.


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