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CreditKidz Launches Financial Education Program for Children and Teenagers



Fills Gap—Financial Education is Often Ignored in Schools

DALLAS, USA, February 17, 2021 / -- CreditKidz, an online learning platform, has launched a new educational program to teach children and teenagers about finances. With financial concepts not being taught in schools, CreditKidz can fill the gap through its financial learning programs. The courses offered by CreditKidz are intended to pick up the slack where formal public and private education leave off. The founders of CreditKidz believe that the school system is failing at preparing children and teenagers for the real world and the financial situations that every adult faces. The programs developed and offered through CreditKidz intend to fill that failure with learning programs designed for an early age, when children actually start developing financial concepts.

“CreditKidz was created with one goal in mind—taking financial education directly to kids,” said a spokesperson for the company. “In the current education system, we completely ignore teaching kids about finances and how to manage them. While we are absolutely ready to teach them science and math that they may or may not use in future, we fail to teach them the most important subject that they will certainly need in their life.”

CreditKidz is designed to make teaching finance for kids easier and more accessible. With CreditKidz, the next generation will learn to understand finances and plan their future better at the comfort of their homes. CreditKidz has lessons designed for children from ages five through sixteen. The spokesperson added, “Starting financial education in middle school or high school is way too late. Children start picking up financial concepts at three years old. Financial education needs to start in pre-kindergarten and it needs to start in homes.”

All of the courses in the CreditKidz curriculum are designed with concepts and terms that children and teenagers can understand quickly. The curriculum includes topics like The Concept of Money, the Banking System, Savings and Credit. Students can learn concepts through games with the CreditKidz phone application available for iPhone. CreditKids also offers e-books. The Adventures of Banking and Credit, The Banking House was created specifically for children and is available for purchase.

Mr. Credit, a fun and engaging cartoon character, helps guide children through the lessons to make the courses more fun and interactive. The CreditKidz Jingle is available on Amazon Music. T-shirts and sweatshirts are available with the Mr. Credit character. With the play and learn method, learning becomes much easier and financial concepts become much easier to grasp.

“As a nation, we Americans are used to not worrying about our finances. With CreditKidz, you can teach your kids how to save and lead a financially stable life even when they are young,” said the spokesperson.

Enrolling in CreditKidz is easy. Simply visit today to begin enrollment. Classes can be started at any time and students can return to where they left off at any time. Enrollment starts at the affordable rate of $99.

For more information about CreditKidz or to enroll, visit

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