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Melitta Campbell Celebrates 50th Episode of “The Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast”

Melitta Campbell

Melitta Campbell

Noted Podcast Host Interviews Successful Women in Business Willing to Share Their Best Advice for Female Entrepreneurs

NEW YORK, USA, February 16, 2021 / -- Today, podcaster and business coach Melitta Campbell announced the release of 50th episode of “The Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast.” As the creator and producer of the show, Melitta has interviewed 50 successful women who have worked hard to create and run profitable businesses. Her guests are all experts in their respective fields. She has featured marketing, branding and sales specialists, fashion leaders, finance and investing experts, life coaches and women leading mission-driven businesses. Melitta’s goal is to share valuable advice on what it really takes to succeed in business, so all women can benefit from the accumulated experience of her guests.

“I’ve learned from my work with female entrepreneurs and women’s networks just how important it is for women to have access to role models. I wanted to create a platform where women can learn from the wisdom and experiences of others,” said Melitta. “Before the show, I often heard women talking as though there was something wrong with them and that’s why they weren’t succeeding. Now, I’ve seen a shift in that narrative. My listeners now have a greater understanding that success takes clarity, planning and time – and a dash of stubborness!”

Melitta’s goal was to discover what set these entrepreneurs apart from start-up ventures that couldn’t make it past one year. She added, “I wanted to illustrate this through real life examples, while also sharing highly practical business advice along with showcasing some of the many incredible female-led businesses out there.”

The podcast represents the sum total of Melitta’s 25-year background in marketing, communications and leadership coaching. This includes a decade spent starting and running three separate business ventures. Early in her work life, Melitta founded a women’s career empowerment network. To support the profitable growth of female-led businesses, three years ago she created and launched the “Dream Clients Blueprint Program”—and found herself impressed with the momentum that stand-out clients tapped into. With her personalized approach to business coaching, they were able to turn their business fortunes around once they had the right mindset, business skills and a plan in which they believed.

Melitta shared, “We all have fears and doubts when starting, building and growing our businesses. You have to determine which of these are real and need to be listened to, and which are limiting beliefs that can be ignored. You need a plan that aligns with your values and vision, and good people to support you along the way. When you have this, and listen to your instincts, things will fall into place.”

After having interviewed so many women, Melitta has surmised that the common thread to their success stories has evolved from seven keys areas. They center around patience, self-knowledge, a clear target market, confidence, a strong work ethic, humility and passion. Understanding one’s personal mission and values help business people hit the ground running with a solid plan. Identifying a target market helps a female entrepreneur focus resources on the right marketing, offers and processes, resulting in a predicable flow of ideal clients and repeat business. These key relationships can propel a small business forward. A supportive circle of friends and associates is also essential, as is a mentor or business coach.

Melitta has scheduled live interactive events with some of her interviewees from her podcast series accessible on her free Facebook group, “The Driven Female Entrepreneur Club,”

In addition, Melitta is currently writing a series based around “A Shy Girl’s Guide to…” books, which will condense her business knowledge into a series such as networking (released in the Spring), marketing, communications, business growth and sales. She is also working with leaders in the women’s empowerment space to address isolation and loneliness in the business world. Melitta continues to serve her select number of clients through the Dream Clients Blueprint business coaching program.

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