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Silent-Aire Gains Market Share in the Global Data Center Cooling Sector that Omdia Forecasts at 4.3 Billion by 2024

Silent-Aire USA HQ 21 Acre Campus in Gilbert, AZ with 3 Manufacturing Facilities

Silent-Aire Europe HQ in Dublin, Ireland. In 2021 Silent-Aire plans to double Manufacturing Facilities in Dublin.

Silent-Aire Global HQ located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is one of the five Manufacturing Facilities in Edmonton area.

Silent-Aire Nisku, Alberta Facility opened in 2020 and is the first facility to include Solar Power as part of the Silent-Aire Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG)Program.

Silent-Aire increased their first-place Air Handling Unit position by 4%, with a 43% global market share in 2019.

Sustainability will only play a larger role in the data center industry longer term, and with thermal management at the center of that conversation, an exciting future awaits”
— Lucas Beran, Omdia Principal Analyst, DC Physical Infrastructure & UPS
EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, February 10, 2021 / -- According to Omdia’s 2020 Data Center Thermal Management Report, Silent-Aire, a global leader in data center infrastructure solutions, was the only Top 10 provider to gain market share in 2019 and is now globally ranked third overall. The research confirms that data center thermal management will continue to grow in all regions, with North America consuming over 40% of all products. The Air Handler category leads the way as most large-scale builders focus on efficiency and design simplification efforts.

The Omdia study, led by Lucas Beran, Principal Analyst, DC Physical Infrastructure & UPS, was published in December 2020 and covers 2018 and 2019 with forecasts to 2024 for all global data center cooling technologies. “The data center thermal management market is at a crossroads. Legacy perimeter cooling products, despite energy efficiency gains, are losing favor to new products and designs, such as air handling units and rear door heat exchangers (RDHx) to meet near term data center thermal management demands. Sustainability will only play a larger role in the data center industry longer term, and with thermal management at the center of that conversation, an exciting future awaits the data center thermal management market, if it already isn’t here” stated Beran.

Additionally, Omdia reported that Cloud Service Providers experienced the highest percent change year after year and will continue to lead growth in this sub-category until, at least, 2024. As enterprises and end users continue to adopt cloud services, Air Handling Units (AHUs) that cool hyperscale data centers are experiencing double digit growth. With the leading hyperscale cloud companies publicly announcing climate pledges, the sustainability and efficiency of cooling solutions continues to be a focus with AHUs in the lead.

According to Omdia, Silent-Aire increased their first-place Air Handling Unit position by 4%, with a 43% global market share that almost doubles the lead over their next closest competitor. As a result of the growth in Air Handling Unit sales, Silent-Aire is ranked second in the North American market for all data center thermal management providers. Adoption of cooling technologies for increasing rack density has been primarily driven by high performance computing. Currently, less than 1% of data center cooling uses fluid immersion technology, however, use of the technology is expected to triple by 2024. Silent-Aire’s Chief Innovation Officer, Michael Sweeney, verifies this trend and has focused efforts to industrialize the solutions needed for hyperscale deployments. Sweeney was recently quoted stating: “We still see air cooling for racks remaining the dominant form of facility cooling for some time, likely 10-15 years or more, but an increasing number of HPC and ML/AI focused hardware benefits from heat transfer, based on close coupled liquid systems. The key is to have technology solutions that work at scale and can be rolled out globally for the largest build programs. The hyperscale leaders will continue to drive overall innovation and demand”.

Integration of Data Center Cooling technology in Modular Data Centers is a key differentiator for Silent-Aire, as lowering PUEs and water preservation becomes more important to all end-users. Silent-Aire recently opened a Hyperscale Center for Innovation at the 21-acre, U.S. HQ Campus in Gilbert, Arizona as a commitment to investing in research and development with sustainability goals as required outcomes. Dublin based Silent-Aire Europe is doubling their manufacturing capacity in 2021 in response to the growth forecasted by the hyperscale and semi-conductor sectors. “Omdia is forecasting that the EMEA region will grow to over $1 Billion by 2024 and we are committed to investing in the manufacturing infrastructure and our employees to continue to be a relied upon partner in the industry,” stated John Keane, Managing Director of Silent-Aire Europe.

The leadership at Silent-Aire confirmed that they experienced another year of aggressive growth in 2020 and that the pursuit to remain focused on customers, as well as diversify into new regions, will continue. Silent-Aire’s Co-CEO, Lindsey Leckelt, stated: “While the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted many sectors, data centers and the cloud remain essential infrastructure that are the backbone of other key essential sectors, including healthcare, financial services and law enforcement. We are committed to continuing our path to deliver innovative solutions and remain focused on continuous improvement.”

About Silent-Aire:
Silent-Aire portfolio of solutions includes Modular Data Centers; Power Room Modules, Turnkey Modular Deployments, Data Center Cooling (CRACs, CRAHUs, AHUs) and Mission Critical Services that are built for hyperscale industries. Silent-Aire employs over 3,000 people, with a total of 13 manufacturing facilities and a combined 1 million sq/ft of capacity in Edmonton, Alberta; Gilbert, Arizona; and Dublin, Ireland. There are sales/service centers in Seattle, Washington; Boardman, Oregon; Ashburn, Virginia; and Dublin.

About Omdia
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