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David Kooi Discusses Jointly’s Cannabis Tracker App on High Society with Paxton Quigley Podcast

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2021 / -- Paxton Quigley interviewed David Kooi, Founder and CEO of Jointly, for her weekly podcast High Society with Paxton Quigley. Jointly is a website and app that uses a consumer-driven database to help cannabis users track their cannabis usage and to monitor how specific cannabis strains and products affect them. Paxton and David discussed Jointly and its vision to support responsible cannabis consumption and holistic wellness.

“Jointly advocates and promotes purposeful cannabis consumption by serving as a personal and collective database that essentially revolves around the goals users are aiming to achieve,” said Jointly CEO David Kooi. "It does this by providing a clear method to track their own [cannabis] usage, more specifically which products, methods, and routines work best for them."

The app helps consumers track progress on objectives that they identify for themselves, such as reducing anxiety, managing pain, improving sleep, enhancing creativity or intimacy, and more. Because different products and strains can affect individuals differently, when a cannabis product is consumed, applied, or inhaled, the consumer logs a self-assessment of their experience on the app. In time, the collected data can help to inform the consumer about what products and strains provide them with the most beneficial experience with respect to their self-identified wellness objectives. All personal information is private and protected, Kooi stressed.

Jointly also helps consumers sort through the vast amount of cannabis brands, strains, and consumption methods to find products for purchase in compliance with local and state regulations.

“Personally,” Quigley said during her interview with Kooi, “I think it’s a godsend. It’s really informative and easy to use.”

The Jointly app will soon include a dashboard for cannabis physicians, nurses, and researchers. The company also intends to integrate its site with dispensaries that wish to showcase their product inventory and coordinate with delivery services.

For more information about Jointly, please visit their website and download the app at

High Society with Paxton Quigley is a weekly podcast, founded in 2018 by Paxton, where she interviews scholars, advocates, and thought leaders in the cannabis industry and beyond. High Society is available on, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other major streaming platforms.

Jointly is a free app that tracks cannabis use to promote safe and purposeful cannabis consumption. Jointly allows consumers to set cannabis wellness goals, rate cannabis products, and record the factors that impact one’s cannabis experience.

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