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brikCOIN, an Asset-Based Crypto for Smart & Affordable Real Estate

The crypto brikCOIN helps the earth and can make you money!

The crypto brikCOIN helps the earth and can make you money!

It's an asset-backed crypto with $1B in sustainable global real estate developments, for luxury hotels, resorts and residential properties.

brikCOIN is an asset backed crypto-currency that has over $1 billion in development contracts under negotiation. It is focused on using the token for energy contracts that have a minimum 25 years.”
— brikCOIN

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 5, 2021 / -- brikCOIN LTD, a renowned sustainable property development firm based in the UK is introducing an asset-based crypto token that is backed by sustainable energy. This company started out leveraging the power of blockchain, the cutting-edge technology to address a pressing economic issue i.e. the affordable housing crisis!

Creating affordable, smart, and energy-efficient housing solutions using a crypto token? How’s that going to work out! If that is what you are thinking about, James Hare, the founder of brikCOIN started out with a great idea in 2018 but now believes he has found a better way to execute it.

“Affordable housing is the #1 economic crisis in the UK today. Over 1.8 million people are on the waiting list and the number is constantly growing by the day”. He added, “We need over 3 million homes to be built over the next 20 years!’’ Through his discovery of finding affordable solutions for the UK, he found out that the technology needed, could be implemented for residential and commercial properties too. Having a proficient background as a large developer, he thought he can implement this technology to have a bigger impact on the affordable housing industry in the UK.

brikCOIN understands that the energy production agreement of residential or commercial properties is indeed a big deal today, with the fact that the cost of energy is increasing at an alarming rate. This idea would encapsulate both, the property ownership contract and the energy contract into one single smart solution! And that solution is brikCOIN!

Just like you invest in any real estate property, you can simply invest in brikCOIN through crypto-currency. It is tokenizing the energy production agreements for every real estate property built under it. And this agreement is valid for a minimum of 25 years. Well, there’s more! Also, the energy production agreements will be generating substantial recurring revenue too. Already brikCOIN has over four major projects underway and has close to a billion dollars in negotiation.

So, the idea is, if you are investing in real estate property development with brikCOIN LTD, you can also leverage the energy production agreement utilizing the token and store all contracts on the blockchain that ensures top-notch security via a crypto-currency. It is more like your brikCOIN investment is one step further to a better future, not just financially but also to making the world a better place to live. Sounds like a solid investment plan, right!

What Do You Get by Investing in brikCOIN?

An opportunity for making an equity investment in new projects
The energy purchase agreements will generate recurring revenues for a minimum of 25 years with automatic 25-year renewals
Pre-construction residential sales by consumers
Commercial or residential consumers, who choose to pay their energy bills using brikCOIN, will receive special discounted rates.

Currently, from 19th January onward, a private token sale for brikCOIN has already started. Only 20 million coins are available for this sale now! If you buy tokens from this Private Sale, all your tokens will have a Preferred status and accordingly, you will receive an annual Preferred return as well. You can enjoy a 5% annual return on the new coins. Also, you will be treated as an early-bird and will get early access to the exclusive and exciting new offers along with the advanced platform, and company-related insights and updates.

Currently, brikCOIN has plenty of new sustainable real estate project development contracts in place. So, while it is still in its infancy, investing in brikCOIN's crypto seems like a great opportunity for those who are looking for long-term secure investments. The private token sale of brikCOIN will end on April 18. So, probably this is the time to make some wiser investment choices!

Visit for more information on the token, its sale, and to get detailed insights on the ongoing projects. There is a limit of only 20 million tokens being sold at the current token raise. Find out more about this amazing crypto-currency.

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brikCOIN Ltd
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