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Phrazor by vPhrase- A BI Tool that Turns Incomprehensible Data into Interesting Stories

vPhrase Analytics takes the next step in revolutionizing data analysis and business reporting with the release of a new version of its product Phrazor.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, February 4, 2021 / -- Founded by Neerav Parekh, vPhrase offers AI-powered business intelligence, reporting automation and business analytics solutions using Machine learning and Natural Language Generation technology. Their self-service BI product called Phrazor takes away the guesswork out of data analysis and automates data interpretation, making it easy for businesses to analyze data and make decisions.

“Data is only valuable if it can be translated into insights and used for informed decision-making. The right insights from data can be leveraged to predict sales trends, find new customers, improve customer service, increase customer retention, and eventually drive better business decisions. But, businesses often struggle to extract value from their data and use it effectively to improve their processes. Our tool Phrazor is capable of solving this challenge that is common among businesses today,” said Neerav, the founder and CEO of vPhrase.

Phrazor uses Natural Language Generation- an advanced AI-technology which converts structured data into narratives written in simple language. It analyzes and summarizes business data into a few bullet points, and highlights key actionable insights for data-driven decision-making. It reduces the turn-around time in reporting and analysis with automation by empowering business users and analysts to transform data into insightful stories in just a few clicks.

This self-service augmented analytics tool shares a single source of truth and eliminates the risk of data misinterpretation. It empowers all kinds of business users- from novice to experts to stay on the same page by:

Transforming complex data into easy-to-understand narratives
Asking questions to data and getting answers in real-time
Exploring patterns and hidden insights in data
Improving the speed of report generation
Enabling collaboration and sharing of reports between teams

What’s unique about the tool?

Enterprises can use Phrazor to auto-generate insights on data in natural language, ask questions to their data and get detailed insights, automate report generation and content writing- all within the platform. It uses the power of language and stories to present the derived insights in a human-like language and empowers everyone to understand and relate to complex datasets. The following key features make Phrazor stand out:

Augmented Analytics: Empowers business users to create BI dashboards that are simpler and easier to understand by instantly generating data stories alongside visuals
Self-Service Tool: Allows business users to easily create an interactive dashboard by selecting the data, answering a few questions and generating reports within a few clicks, without requiring any help from BI/IT teams
Customized Reporting: Generates cohesive reports with actionable insights that can be customized as per the specific reporting needs of the clients
Query Data: Allows businesses to dig deeper into their data to get specific insights by asking questions to the data and getting real-time insights
Data Drilldown: Enables business users and analysts to drill down into the root cause and find hidden trends and factors that impact their business KPIs
Collaboration and Sharing: Makes remote work easy by allowing teams to work collaboratively by commenting, assigning and tagging users within the dashboard
Multilingual Support: Provides customized insights and visuals in multiple languages, as per specific reporting and business needs
BI Plugin Support: The Phrazor plugin can be integrated across BI platforms like Tableau, Power BI, SAP, Qlik, and MicroStrategy

Phrazor currently serves more than 30 enterprises with 50+ use cases across diverse industries such as Banking & Financial Services, Pharma, FMCG, Retail, Media & Entertainment and Logistics. Companies such as Fidelity, Barclays, Dun & Bradstreet, ABB, Sanofi, Olam, HDFC Bank, etc. use Phrazor to get detailed insights out of their business data.

Speaking about the latest release of Phrazor, Neerav further says, “Phrazor is in an all-new avatar with new updates and use cases. It removes dependencies on technical departments, accelerates time to generate reports and makes it convenient for users across enterprises to work with data and gain actionable insights out of it.”

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About vPhrase:
vPhrase is a global technology company offering AI-powered business intelligence, reporting automation and business analytics solutions using Machine learning and Natural Language Generation technology. With a strong client portfolio that encompasses businesses from across sectors, Phrazor empowers data-driven decision making by summarizing complex business data into actionable insights and data-stories.

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