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Arkisys & Orbit Fab Team Up to Build the Future of Advanced Orbital Refueling

Arkisys and Orbit Fab Team Up to Build Advanced Orbital Refueling Capabilities for Space Outpost Efforts

LOS ALAMITOS, CA, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2021 / -- Arkisys (, who is building the world's first robotic Space Outpost for Assembly, Integration and Resupply, is teaming up with Orbit Fab (, an innovative provider of space refueling services, to design advanced space architectures for refueling and servicing of satellite spacecraft in orbit and beyond.

Through adaptive hardware and software interfaces, web and mobile-based interface ordering, and options for fast launch and data transport, Arkisys is building The Port ( an advanced Space Outpost that provides multiple capabilities and services for a global customer base. Arkisys is developing an evolvable, scaleable platform which will get customers in space quickly , validate business concepts, and launch their business for new space platforms and businesses now and in future.

Orbit Fab is excited to team up with Arkisys to design and develop refueling capabilities for The Port to offer a refueling service for visiting spacecraft. Orbit Fab and Arkisys are excited to create the capability of others to refuel at the Port, and look to advance this new capability in multiple orbits moving forward. Arkisys and Orbit Fab are working together to advance safe rendezvous and connecting protocols for refueling in Space. Both organizations see their interface and space services work as a key element to the success of the Arkisys Commercial Port Outpost.

“Arkisys is excited to join forces with Orbit Fab, a leader in advanced refueling capabilities for spacecraft. They have exceptional, proven capabilities to enable this needed step for expanding the eco-system with on-orbit refueling services expansion on The Port.” says Dan Lopez, Chief Strategy Officer at Arkisys.

As part of the Arkisys Space Outpost program, Arkisys will be hosting several events in the coming weeks, beginning with:

- Undiscovered Markets Fireside Chat, February 17 2021 4pm - 5pm PT (
- Science on the Port hosted by Arkisys and Rhodium Scientific, TBA February 2021
- Visiting Vessel Workshop, TBA July 2021

"The Arkisys team and the Arkisys Port share our vision of growing space infrastructure and enabling a growing space economy. Orbit Fab is excited to partner with Arkisys to both refuel the Port and to provide on orbit refueling for visiting spacecraft. We should not be throwing away valuable spacecraft because they run out of fuel." said Dan Faber, Chief Executive Officer of Orbit Fab.

Led by a renowned team of Space industry pioneers, Arkisys is building the fastest, incremental Space infrastructure step to take shape quickly, and exist in an agile platform to directly support specific customer needs today, with services to expand and create new markets tomorrow.

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About Arkisys, Inc.
Arkisys, Inc., located in Los Alamitos, California with locations in France, Argentina, and Singapore, is a provider of advanced spacecraft architectures, structures and platform solutions. Arkisys is building the Port which is a robotic Space Outpost that provides multiple capabilities and services for a global customer base. For more information, visit

About Orbit Fab, Inc.:
Orbit Fab envisions a thriving in-space market for products and services that support both existing space businesses (communications and Earth observation) and new industries like space tourism, manufacturing, and mining. We offer a ubiquitous supply of satellite propellant in Earth Orbit, expanding the operational potential of new and existing space assets and enabling unprecedented business model flexibility for satellite owners. The future for satellites is no longer restricted to the fuel they are launched with. We provide the fuel that satellites need, where and when they need it, to achieve things never before thought possible. For more information, visit

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