Tehran Is Hosting the First Glitch Art Show titled “Glitch Art: Pixel Language”

The independent art institution Platform 101 has introduced “Glitch Art: Pixel Language,” the first in Iran glitch art video group exhibition.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, NY, January 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The online magazine 300Magazine is pleased to share the news that the Iranian independent art institution Platform 101 has introduced “Glitch Art: Pixel Language,” the first in Iran video group exhibition with a focus on glitch art. The show features 27 artists and runs at Bavan Gallery in Tehran for 11 weeks, starting from December 25, 2020. “Glitch Art: Pixel Language” is curated by Mohammad Ali Famori and Sadegh Majlesi, whose works are also presented at the show.

“Glitch Art: Pixel Language” is the first glitch video art exhibition in Iran, which became possible thanks to the efforts of Platform 101, a non-profit art institution focused on digital arts, in collaboration with Famori Studio and Art Researcher in Tehran. However, it is not the first art show presented by Platform 101 in Iran. In 2018, the art institution held “Definite Moment,” a group photo exhibition that was presented at the galleries of Isfahan and Tehran and was a great success.

“Glitch Art: Pixel Language” features 27 artists from Iran, Singapore, Azerbaijan, Italy, Brazil, and the USA, whose works examine the value of pixels and their identity as the smallest components of the digital image, forcing the viewers to look at the pixel language from a different perspective. The artworks of two artists are exhibited at “Glitch Art: Pixel Language” for seven days, starting every Friday.

The list of participating glitch artists includes Reza Famori, Arezou Ramezani, Nima Mansoury, Golnaz Behrouznia, Elnaz Mohammadi, Shahab Shahali, Abarca, Sabato Vissconti, Hossein Pouresmeil, Franco Palioff, Francesco Corvi, Neda Dastafkan, Arash Masoom, and Diyu Fang, among others. Works by the curators of the show, the multidisciplinary artist Mohammad Ali Famori and the glitch artist Sadegh Majlesi, are also featured at “Glitch Art: Pixel Language.”

Glitch art is a relatively young art practice that emerged in the late 20th century, but it has already become an important part of digital art and contemporary art overall. The main idea of glitch art is based on using digital errors and technological defects for aesthetic purposes. This is done by physically manipulating electronic devices and corrupting digital data, which results in various pixel and digital motifs, audio noises, intertwined lines of video, and incomplete images that eventually form the glitch art aesthetics. Such ‘glitches’ induce a variety of emotions, from anxiety to excitement to surprise, becoming a powerful tool in the hands of talented contemporary artists.

“Glitch Art: Pixel Language” is on view at Bavan Gallery through March 12, 2021. The show is fresh and exciting, and it is definitely something that should not be missed by digital art lovers.

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