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David & Goliath

War against fire

FIREXO - The story of a UK Start-Up Waging War Against the Global Devastation of Fire!

AMERSHAM, BUCKS, UNITED KINGDOM, January 28, 2021 / -- Despite the best efforts of millions, 2020 in addition to the fight against Covid 19, saw humans stood helpless, forced to watch our planet burn. From Brisbane to Brazil, all four quarters of the globe experienced an unprecedented attack from fire as details unfurled, reporting an excess of 9.1 million innocent people being injured or killed at the hands of this silent assassin. Rainforests were destroyed, billions of lifeforms were obliterated, and countless lives are torn apart as once again we were reminded of the devastation fire can cause when it becomes uncontrollable.

David Breith – CEO and President of UK start-up Firexo, believes that “We’ve suffered long enough – now is the time to wage war on this killer!” … and David believes he might just have the perfect weapon to fight it with. In conversation with David, it becomes instantly clear that Firexo Group Ltd has one overarching mission – to put the power back into the hands of the people. He begins by detailing the countless technological advances made over the last century, analysing how humans have developed responsible methods to both control and utilise the elements around us beneficially.

“We have been able to take charge and rewrite our own destiny across a multitude of sectors over the years resulting in an ever-reducing number of instances where we feel overpowered or inferior to the elements.” David continues, “But for me and many others around the world, fire still stands as a glaring example of where the human race has little control at all.” This is not an unfounded view; in China, for example, the number of fire related incidents increased from 935,000 annually to 1.3 million between 1990 and 2017.

David’s diagnosis… “The sheer complexity and convoluted nature of Fire Safety methods globally!” In further elaboration he explains, “The Fire industry over the past 50 years has confused itself. In Europe (and other select parts of the world) the classes of fire are broken down into 6 categories A, B, C, D, Electrical and F. In the Americas; A, B, C, D and K and in an even more confusing twist the Motorsport sector state the classes as I, II, III, IV and V”.
“This wide array of terminology and classifications has led to us relying on antiquated methods that increase confusion by individually targeting each of the classes rather than streamlining our efforts and aiming to tackle the threat of fire as a whole”.

A simple concept when we link this back to David’s initial ‘War concept’ – “Why carry a gun in battle that can only eliminate certain enemy troops? Surely a weapon that is highly effective regardless of the type of threat would be the most powerful and desirable one to have?” I struggle to disagree with David on this analogy, as he begins to introduce Firexo – the first liquid available globally, that is accredited to tackle EVERY single class of fire in ONE simple solution.

Born in late 2018 - Firexo is a more environmentally friendly, PH neutral and non-toxic liquid, capable of extinguishing an entire car fire in under a minute using only 9 Litres of fluid! It completely removes the afore-mentioned confusion from the market, whilst standing as an all-natural solution. Firexo also has regenerative qualities, where in areas of natural beauty, it will even help begin to restore the land lost to fire once it is deployed. David believes Firexo is the most competent and innovative solution for Fire Safety in over 50 years.

“Fire is emotionless” David remarks – “Fire does not care about who, or what stands in its path; it will continue to destroy everything it comes into contact with, until it leaves a baron and desolate environment in its wake”. “We saw it in Australia for months and witnessed the tragedies in the Amazon; I believe that people have finally had enough – now is the time to arm ourselves with methods that kickstart our journey towards controlling fires much more effectively than we currently can”.

“We have to begin from the ground up, educating everyday people about the risk of fires and the advances Firexo has made when it comes to dealing with them. Once people are aware of the technology we have at our disposal, its then about coming together to deploy it in the most effective manner possible”.
David goes on to suggest that the end to Fire’s reign over us could be over sooner than we expect, claiming that “It is a real possibility for us to take better control of these annual disasters before they come around again in the hotter months of the year!” – prevention rather than cure.

“The key to success lies in our own attitude; we have to weigh up the value of what we are losing vs the approach we are taking – accepting that fatalities, injuries, and deforestation should not be the norm. The fight against Fire is just getting started and Firexo are proud to be leading the industry towards a brighter future. We will stop at nothing to further develop ground-breaking technology that pushes the limits of human understanding – we will do so for every person that has lost their homes, loved ones, jobs, and belongings to the grasp of fire.”

I concluded my chat with David feeling somewhat invigorated and excited. Maybe it is time that we take back control and learn from our mistakes in the past, maybe Firexo is the perfect way to begin that journey and maybe (just maybe) Fire will be something that our Grandchildren worry far less about when they grow old. Who would have believed Edison could create a light bulb or the Wright brothers finding a way to fly? Overcoming doubters and hurdles requires a special kind of person to take the helm… one who refuses to listen or accept the 'norm' but push the boundaries to make the inconceivable a reality.

No matter what the outcome, advances in life-saving technology can only be a positive thing, so if Firexo’s war on fire has officially begun; I will certainly be on board, encouraging others from government, businesses, and authorities to everyday people urging them to join cohort with this winning team.

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