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401GO Launches New Fully Automated 401(K) Plan Setup for Businesses

Fintech 401k platform for small businesses

Fintech 401k platform for small businesses

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401go Small Business Retirement Plans

401GO’s revolutionary platform easily guides users through the 401(k) setup with intuitive, human advisor inspired features for a faster more natural process

After watching hundreds of plans get set up on our platform over the last year we've learned a great deal about the hangups business owners had setting up a 401(k) plan.”
— Nate Beck, co-founder of 401GO
WEST JORDAN, UTAH, UNITED STATES, January 25, 2021 / -- Over 85% of small businesses don’t offer a 401(k) because they are too costly to set up and manage, are time-consuming and are one of the more daunting benefits for a company to offer. Traditionally, setting up a 401(k) plan takes an average of about eight weeks and is full of many friction points including emails, forms, agreements, contracts, negotiations, training and more. So, either a business owner must navigate this on their own or they require an advisor to guide them through the process which is expensive and time-consuming. However, having an advisor guide a business owner through the 401(k) process can be invaluable since there are many pitfalls to avoid when setting up a plan as well as ways that a 401(k) plan can be designed to maximize its benefit to an employer and employees.

Today, 401GO, the first company to offer a fully automated 401(k) plan setup process to help people save for the future with affordable and accessible retirement plans, announced its newly automated setup process with intuitive, human advisor inspired features to guide users through setting up a 401(k) plan.

Previously, 401GO’s platform offered an automated plan setup; however, it was often difficult for users with no knowledge of 401(k) plans to use. For those within the industry, 401GO was a revolutionary tool that was simple and innovative, but for a business owner or HR professional with little to no experience with setting up a 401(k), the automated plan setup tool wasn’t sufficient.

"After watching hundreds of plans get set up on our platform over the last year we've learned a great deal about the hangups business owners had setting up a 401(k) plan,” said Nate Beck, co-founder of 401GO. “We've been able to remove those hangups with our new setup. By making smarter automated predictions and providing easy-to-understand explanations of complex topics, anyone can now set up their own 401(k) in the same amount of time it takes you to make your morning coffee."

401GO’s new platform was designed with a similar flow and interaction that a human advisor would offer when consulting a business owner in setting up a 401(k). Rather than provide forms and information to read through, 401GO provides simple to answer questions, one at a time to understand the employers goals, intentions and business functions. Then 401GO’s system guides the user through the various choices of a 401(k) plan while recommending certain ones and explaining others that may be difficult to understand. This helps owners determine if a non safe-harbor or safe-harbor 401(k) plan is best and then the various plan design options that will optimize the business goals.

“Costs and complexity were always the biggest detractors for small business owners wanting to set up a 401(k) plan,” said Daniel Beck, co-founder of 401GO. “We’ve already fixed the cost concern with our simple and affordable pricing and now, with our improved automation and intuitive guided setup, complexity is gone too. There is no longer any reason every business can’t have a 401(k) plan.”

Additionally, 401GO has improved how its partners that use the platform serve their clients by allowing the plan setup to be more collaborative in a way that both an employer and their business advisor can complete plan setup with incredible ease.

"Our partners are important to us, and by providing a 401(k) solution that makes things easier and affordable for their business clients, we are stronger and better together,” said Jared Porter, co-founder of 401GO. "The new 401GO setup asks fewer questions, gives more options, and puts advisors, CPAs, PEOs, and many others in the driver's seat.”

With 401GO, users can set up a robust, full-featured 401(k) plan in under 10 minutes.

401GO’s founders -- Jared Porter, Nate Beck and Daniel Beck -- are entrepreneurs and business owners that have managed multiple small businesses. The team understands that most employers know very little about 401(k) plans and are simply looking for a quick, easy to use and affordable solution. While focusing on the needs of a small business, the founders had to rethink everything from nonsensical industry jargon to the processes in place for setting up and administering a 401(k) plan. They coupled their fresh approach with automation and built a fully integrated and intuitive system that does the work typically completed by 3-4 providers. Ultimately, through its efficiency and automation, 401GO saves employers and employees money, time and hassle, giving them the opportunity to save for retirement.

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