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Conservatives and others flock to FlapChat Digital Community

FlapChat Digital Community

Many conservatives flock to FlapChat Digital Community, but CEO Bass explains that all views are welcome on the premier social media platform FlapChat.

FlapChat raises the bar for social media. We are the next evolution of social media...our membership roles are growing by the minute! I hope you'll visit us at and give us a try.”
— Dr. Patrick Bass, Ph.D.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, USA, January 17, 2021 / -- Citing itself as the premier free speech network, FlapChat Digital Community announced the general availability of its social media platform. Simply known as “FlapChat,” the social media platform noted that many users are joining because they are tired of censorship on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

FlapChat takes many of the best concepts of popular social media sites and integrates them into a cohesive platform that allows all people to collaborate, communicate, share, and learn. "Everything you can do on these platforms, you can do on FlapChat, without censorship or tracking," said Dr. Bass.

“FlapChat raises the bar for social media. We are the next evolution of social media and our membership roles are growing by the minute! Many people believe we are a conservative social media platform,” said FlapChat founder and creator Dr. Patrick Bass, Ph.D. Explaining the platform's stance, Dr. Bass continues, “We support all views and ideologies and exist as a medium that allows for the free exchange of all ideas. Everyone is welcome here and we do not censor or discriminate as long as users adhere to our community standards.”

The FlapChat Community Standards ensure that violence, sexual content, discriminatory content, and cyberbullying are prohibited. “The community is self-policing, but in extreme cases of abuse, our admins ensure that our standards are followed,” explains Dr. Bass.

Dr. Bass describes himself as a patriot of Native American descent and aligns most closely with those who are known as Constitutionalists. “Our servers are in America and under the control of American citizens.” “We don’t track or log our users.”

FlapChat is supported by advertising, however, Dr. Bass explains that the ads do not have any embedded codes that track user’s behavior or other predictive algorithms. “They are simple banners and text ads that we allow from select advertisers. User’s privacy is a top priority and we will never waver on that stance,” said Bass.

FlapChat is available on the web at An Android App is available in the app store, however, no app is required since the responsive website can be accessed by any browser on a PC, phone, or tablet.

There is no charge to join or use FlapChat and the only requirement for joining is validating your email address when you sign up.

Santiago Riker
FlapChat Digital Community LLC