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Senate Concludes Second Day of 73rd Session

Gives initial approval of four time-sensitive bills before temporary adjournment

DENVER, CO - This afternoon, the Colorado Senate passed the following package of bills out of committee and approved them on second reading.   

  • HB21-1001: Remote Participation In Party Committee Meetings. This bill, sponsored by Majority Leader Fenberg, will allow political parties to continue to conduct committee meetings remotely or virtually through the end of 2021.

  • HB21-1002: Reductions Certain Taxpayers' Income Tax. This bill, sponsored by Joint Budget Committee members, Senators Moreno & Hansen, makes alterations to the Tax Fairness Act of 2020 to provide clarity regarding tax refunds and changes initiated by the CARES Act, which will allow taxpayers continued relief as we recover from the pandemic.

  • HB21-1003: Legislative Proceedings During Disaster Emergency. This bill, sponsored by Majority Leader Fenberg, authorizes the Executive Committee of the Legislative Council to allow virtual participation in legislative proceedings during a declared disaster emergency caused by a public health emergency.

  • HB21-1004: Colorado Uniform Electronic Wills Act. This bill, sponsored by Senators Lee & Gardner, allows electronic wills to serve as wills for all intents and purposes under Colorado law.

The Senate will give final approval to the bills tomorrow morning and is expected to conclude legislative business Friday before entering their temporary adjournment.