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Memories Washed Ashore

From Beaton’s to Beach Haven: A Cat Ghost Bh G

William Fortenbaugh

Revisiting a racing boat and the memories that come along with it

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, January 14, 2021 / -- For a sailor like William Fortenbaugh, there is nothing more exhilarating than the smell of the sea, the touch of the ocean breeze, and the sun's prickling heat, all the while, the harmony of the gushing wind and loud cheering is playing on the background. It is the combined sensations like these that make up our favorite moments, and we'll do everything we can to do them again—even if only through reminiscing. And as a way of memorializing what he loves, William releases From Beaton’s to Beach Haven: A Cat Ghost Bh G.

William, or intimately known as Bill, has been into boats since childhood. He started being involved in boating since he was eight years old, and since then, he has never stopped. His many decades of sailing and knowledge of boats make him a chronicler of the sea, and one of his many chronicles—perhaps even his favorite—is his encounter with Ghost, a legendary sea vessel that won countless races.

Ma. Juana Espina, an Amazon customer, described From Beaton's Beach to Haven as the perfect book for anyone interested in sailing. She says that even though she didn't know much about boats and sailing until just recently, she still recommends it—from the seasoned skipper to the untutored beginner. She adds, "From Beaton's to Beach Haven is a very informative, well-illustrated history of the Ghost. William Fortenbaugh has an engaging style. I never had to skip a single word."

Bill’s recollection of Ghost is well-narrated and the photos within the book pages add more beauty and vividness to his anecdotes. The finely-defined technical details will make the readers feel like they are a part of the crew, the engineers, or even the onlookers. This is a successful attempt at bringing Ghost’s story to life for everyone to enjoy. To know more about the book and its author, visit

Heed the call of the ocean by getting a copy!

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