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The Voices of Angels

The Angelus Transcripts: 2013-2014

A psychic communicates with angels and gets enlightening revelations

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, January 8, 2021 / -- Psychic abilities are rare, but when author Heather Lennox, also known as Emrayel A’a Ra iry a’a, found out she had such abilities, she had the full support of her family to do so. But when angels not only communicated with her, but actually trained her to increase her abilities, things were brought to new heights. And in the book The Angelus Transcripts: 2013-2014, readers can learn of the various messages of hope, love, and peace that the angels have conveyed to Heather, in an inspiring, and often humorous way.

Heather, who hails from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England and is now living in Auckland, New Zealand, is like your typical modern-day woman. She likes reading, has hobbies like knitting, and loves animals, plants, and anything related to the Spiritual Arts. The only differences are that Heather has high-functioning autism, and psychic abilities that have let her speak with angels! And it is this ability and her experiences with it that form the foundation of the book.

The Angelus Transcripts is not your typical book about psychic visions and prophecies, which are often laced with doom and gloom and calls for repentance. Heather’s experiences and messages are that of hope and love, and growing beyond what the reader perceives as a normal life. It aims to help guide the reader in their journey through life, using humor and comedy to get the messages across. Heather aims to help people grow in both mind and soul by using the messages and training the angels gave to her.

If you’re a fan of looking beyond what the eyes can see, and want to know more, then grab your copy today!

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