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ADVISORY Regarding Actions and Protests to Scheduled Federal Executions

Members of Death Penalty Action protest outside of the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.

Death Penalty Opposition Group Experiences Massive Growth as Trump Execution Spree Concludes With Three Executions Scheduled Days Before Biden Takes Office.

TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA, USA, January 3, 2021 / -- The national anti-death penalty group Death Penalty Action will be leading, organizing and supporting a variety of events in the days leading to the Trump administration’s planned execution of three people during President Trump's last full week in office.

January 8: Petition & Sign-on letter delivery (in-person) to President Trump and Acting AG Rosen, Washington, DC. (Meet at 9:45 am at Pennsylvania Ave. NW & 9th NW)
January 8 & 9: The family of Dustin Higgs is planning two in-person protests in Washington, DC:
January 8 at Noon: U.S. Supreme Court (Sidewalk in front of the Court.)
January 9 at 2:00 pm: The White House (Black Lives Matter Plaza near St. John’s Church.)
January 10-16: "Ending the Death Penalty: A Virtual Conference" - Sign up and get info here
January 12, 14 & 15: Execution vigils each evening, both in-person and virtual. See details here.

“These next two weeks will be a rollercoaster for the people facing execution, their families and the families of their victims,” said Abraham Bonowitz, director of Death Penalty Action. “As we have seen with almost every one of the ten killings, lower courts agree with legitimate and reasonable defense motions, giving false hopes to prisoners and their families. Then higher courts provide a greased rail to a U.S. Supreme Court that has been rigged to deny due process to the least among us. We pray it will be different this time. Each of these people has compelling reasons for relief and mercy.”

Death Penalty Action will be on the ground in Washington, D.C. later this week and in Terre Haute, Indiana the following week to continue to protest the Trump execution spree. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have signed petitions and joined the organization since the last executions on December 10 and 11, increasing its following from less than 30,000 to over 350,000 in less than a month. Exponential growth continues daily as more Americans become aware of the federal execution spree and raise their voices against it.

“It’s the lawyer’s job to use the law and the courts to stop executions,” said Bonowitz. “Our work is in the court of public opinion. We are building a power base to encourage Congress and the next president to change the law so that such an egregious abuse of power can never happen again. We are committed to making sure these federal executions, if they happen, are the last ever in this country. As new members of Congress are being sworn in today, we call on them to make ending the federal and military death penalty a priority. Put that bill on Biden’s desk in the first 100 days!”

Lisa Montgomery, a woman with severe mental illness, is scheduled to be executed on January 12, followed by Corey Johnson, a man with intellectual disability, on January 14. Dustin Higgs, a Black man who undisputedly never killed anyone, is set to die January 15, Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

Death Penalty Action also features several opportunities for U.S. residents to petition members of Congress to address issues arising from this executions spree and to abolish the federal and military death penalty statutes.


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