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Yarding Technologies LLC Launches New Mobile Application LeadFoot- The Leading Direction for Misdirected Road Rage

CULVER CITY, CA, UNITED STATES, January 2, 2021 / -- Yarding Technologies LLC is set to release a new mobile app that revolutionizes the way we view road rage. Leadfoot is a platform for individuals to release stress from the streets in a new and healthy approach. Vehicle aggression is not a subject to take lightly. There're millions of drivers who don't know how to safely channel their anger and frustrations and instead result in manic behavior behind the wheel. Research has shown that after people let out their frustrations of the road, they feel more at ease and can continue on their quest towards their destination without lashing out.

Leadfoot aims to bridge a community of road ragers who need to let some steam out and share their story of driving disapproval to those that best understand them. With the platform to say what’s on your mind and get it off your chest, people will feel a surge of relief exiting their bodies and feel ready to tackle the road with a smidge more patience than before. Having a better hold of emotions in a safer way to drive and with a community on the app to have your back, there’s a group of like-minded individuals who know a thing or two about piping off at the mouth. With a click of a button, and vehicle not in motion, users will be able to vent on their highway horrors and u turn catastrophes without taking their road rage to the next level of unsafe behavior. Leadfoot stresses the importance of practicing safe driving while encouraging a psychologically safe way to destress on the road. The mobile application is set to release for all apple devices.

Shaquanda Davis
Yarding Technologies LLC
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