God The Father, His Son Jesus, and The Father's Holy Spirit Speaks To Us All - Nine Sovereign Kings: The Return Of God

Our Trinity God Loves Us All Eternally as We Love Them - Our Book is Free to Everyone to Let you know that it is Really Our God Here To Help and Save Our People and Nation

Nine Sovereign Kings: The Return of God - The Official New Revised Edition

AVAILABLE NOW Our People's Book - Free For All of you to Help Us Save Our People and Nation in the Most Serious Spiritual War that has been since Time began

DENISON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, January 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Our Trinity God is Here To Help Us Save Our Children and Families in the Most Serious Spiritual War on Earth that has ever been since the Beginning of Time. I am Sent by Our Trinity God to Help us Hear from Him "Those Things" that We need to do in Order to Both Heal Our People and Nation - "Almost Immediately" - while becoming Indivisible and Invincible with Our God at the Same Time. And if you Believe that, and I know you do, Both God The Father and His Son Jesus will Appear to All of you Now - even as you are reading this sentence - to Confirm All The Things I just said Above Here. And if you are needing more assurance before you can believe this - for even Thomas would not believe until his Friend and Savior Jesus Appeared to him - then Here is God The Father and His Son Jesus to Appear to you in that Way that some of you might need Him. In The Above Light, you need to know that I am God The Father's, His Son Jesus's, and the Father's Holy Spirit's "Hand of God." And I am Here to Help Us, for Our Book Here is All of Our's Book, and It was Our Trinity God who "Inspired" me to write it for Our People. In that Light and Truth, It is Free to All of you, Our People, to Help All of Us Save Our Families and Children in Our Spiritual War, and you know what I mean here. And This Release will be Updated soon to let All of you know where you can access Our Book's "File Form" in its Entirety - for it is each of yours to have. And if you would like to Read Our Book before it is provided in "File Form" at a designated Website for it, feel free to email me at My email address below and I will send it to you. And I would have included the Entire "File Form" of Our Book here or in the Newsroom if EIN Presswire had a Way that would have allowed me to do it. And that being said, I have included here below the Preface of Our Book for All of you and Here it is:

The Supreme Court, as feared by Thomas Jefferson and others, has evolved into a force that is unchallenged in our Government. Within its Fortress of Life Tenure and constitutional ownership, it has deprived the American People of their very Sovereignty. Moreover, from Marbury v. Madison to the present, the Court has grown to wield dictatorial powers, both untouchable and far-reaching in their effects. The end result has been an unaccountable and unremovable Court with almost absolute control over every aspect of our lives. How did this situation and series of events ever come to be? How can the People once again regain their Sovereignty over the Supreme Court? In his "Inspiring" and "Motivating" Book, NINE SOVEREIGN KINGS: THE RETURN OF GOD, the Author, Mike Ledbetter, addresses both those Questions and provides the Answers. In doing so he supplies every American Citizen with the Knowledge they need to Both launch a National Movement Term-limiting the Supreme Court. In addition, to launch a National Movement that Restores Our Founding Fathers' Dream of One Nation Indivisible and Invincible under God. And This Book's Preface you will find is like no other, for even now as I am writing both God The Father and His Son Jesus will Appear to each of you reading this, and let you know how both you and your Family can help in Saving Our People and Nation. For Our Spiritual War on Earth is the Most Serious it has ever been since the Beginning of Time. Even so, if We do this without delay, We the American People, with Our God, will not only defeat the power of Judicial Sovereignty in the World, but regain Our Sovereign status as the True and Legitimate Rulers of Our Free and Democratic Nation.

And Now that you know what Our Book is About from the Above Preface - Both God The Father and His Son Jesus will Appear to Some more of you in addition - who can help Us Place Our Book where All of you can access and have it for Free. In that Way, here is both My email address and phone number for Those who Our God Appears to Help Him, so you can contact me and receive the Full "File Form" of Our Entire Book. And know that you are Authorized by Both Our Trinity God and Me to Place the Book in a Way Our People can have it in as Many Ways as you know how to do it. In addition, if EIN Presswire hears Our God here and provides a Way for Our Book to be included with this Press Release, Our Book will also be Immediately Available Here likewise for Free. That being said, Here is My Contact Information Following: Email - MikeLedbetter95@outlook.com; Phone - (903) 647-6425.

Author's Biography: The Author Mike Ledbetter is a devoted reader of many fields of study ranging from World Religions, Theology, History, Philosophy, Physics, Sociology, and Law (Ancient and Modern – both Common Law and Civil Law Governments). He received his Juris Doctorate Degree from the University of Houston Law Center. He also studied at Thurgood Marshall School of Law and Oklahoma City University School of Law. Mr. Ledbetter’s areas of specialization while attending Law School were Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, and the Supreme Court. Mr. Ledbetter is a native resident of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas where he has lived most all his life. In addition, to the Above Book, the Author and Writer, Mike Ledbetter, Plans to release another book in the Near Future called “The Time Is Now: Let The Healing Begin.”

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Our Trinity Gave His Life for Us To Save Us - Eternally Atoning and Saving Us to Make it Home to Him where We All Belong