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GaelleCosmetics: Launch New Matte Lipsticks for Every Makeup Look

Adding a matte lipstick is great for a natural makeup look. Even the boldest colors fit a casual face, so you can get creative.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 1, 2021 / -- Are you looking for the best matte lipsticks in the cosmetics industry? Gaelle Cosmetics offers a wide range of unique shades. We deliver exceptional products for every skin tone and love seeing a confident woman!

Adding a matte lipstick is great for a natural makeup look. Even the boldest colors fit a casual face, so you can get creative. Women enjoy the no-shine finish because of its satin texture. If you are feeling lazy, you can even wear a matte lip without any other makeup!

Most people prefer matte lipsticks for their diversity. If you are one of those people, take a look at our long line of lip colors.

How to Choose the Best Matte Lipsticks
When it comes to a matte lip, it’s all about preference. Gaelle cosmetics stocks shades for every skin tone, so choose the color that makes you feel good. Our cosmetic store lets you choose between any makeup look from casual, to natural, to glam.

We recommended experimenting with different colors. Find the shade that fits your eyeshadow, or match your lipstick to your skin tone. Go the extra step, and match it to your fashionable clothes too!

Use natural lighting to view your skin. Bathroom light is too harsh, and phone cameras are not accurate enough. Go outside with a mirror, and take a good look at your skin. Also, don’t ignore undertones! They are a big indicator of the right color for you.

Ask yourself this:
Do you have a cool, neutral, or warm skin tone? This is an easy one to figure out. Look on the inside of your wrist, and you will see veins.

Purple or blue veins mean that your skin tone is cool.
Green veins mean that your skin tone is warm.
If you are undecided, your skin tone might be neutral.

Cool Shades by Gaelle Cosmetics
Do you have a cool skin tone? Here are some lipstick shades for you:

Bad Gyal
Dancehall Queen
Baby Madda

Warm Shades by Jamaican owned Cosmetics
Is your skin tone on the warmer side? Take a look at these lipstick shades:


Neutral Shades by Gaelle Cosmetics
Sticking to neutral tones? Try out these lipstick shades:


Tips for Wearing Any Matte Color

Exfoliate before wearing.
Moisturize after exfoliating: lip balms or lip primers.
Matte works for any complex or simple makeup look.
Shape up your lips with concealer after applying.

Stay Covered All Day: Choose Your Long Lasting Lipstick
The best matte lipsticks last much longer than glossy kinds. Worry less about getting in on your teeth or clothes; they rarely smudge! You get to wear a highly pigmented lip tint without getting it everywhere. Our trendy colors are comfortable to wear and last all day.

So far, our cosmetics are…

Great for an Everyday Look!

Basically, matte lipsticks are super sturdy! Wearing them in the summer, while eating, all-day use; they stick through everything. They perfectly fit any unique style and come in a vast range of colors.

Browse Our Products From Peachy Boss Lady to Nude Cynthia
You heard it here. Matte lipsticks will always be in style. It is easy to match up with other makeup, and they last all day. They are perfect for an everyday look. Don’t be shy; go bold!

Gaelle Cosmetics offers every shade under the sun. In our effort to empower women, we want to bring all-inclusive pigments to every boss lady. Yes, you will look amazing, and yes, we have the right shade for your skin tone.

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