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Young Adults from over 140 countries apply to join UPG Sustainability Leadership

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UPG Sustainability Leaders together on Hurricane Island

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UPG Sustainability Leaders together on Hurricane Island, with UPG banners

Over 4,000 from 140+ countries apply to be UPG Sustainability Leaders. Applications are open: Organisations can nominate.

Young people are the most powerful asset in the journey to create a more sustainable world. And with UPG Sustainability Leadership we ensure that our sheroes and heroes are prepared”
— Yemi Babington-Ashaye, President of United People Global
GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, December 31, 2020 / -- Over 4,000 young adults from over 140 countries have already applied to become UPG Sustainability Leaders. Applications are open until 31 December and motivated young leaders are encouraged to apply here: Organisations may also nominate a candidate in a way that enhances impact here: UPG Sustainability Leadership trains young adults from all over the world to become ambassadors for positive citizen leadership on sustainability. In 2021, 500 applicants will be chosen to receive this comprehensive and free training. Upon completion, 60 among the 500 are chosen for a complementary and free experience on Hurricane Island in the USA to further strengthen their capacity.

The broad participation in the application process is mirrored by a similarly broad approach in the development of the program, with institutions, experts and collaborators from across the world working on the training that awaits the Class of 2021. This training is completely free for the selected candidates and each candidate commits to do two things: 1 - execute a project in their community, that is related to at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 2 - host a mini-training session to raise awareness in their community about positive citizen leadership on sustainability.

The inaugural Class of 2019 has been very successful. After being trained - by UPG and The Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership - they have gone on to train up to 5,000 fellow citizens and to launch projects in their communities. This initiative is possible thanks to the generosity and engagement of philanthropists, companies, non-profits and other key collaborators.

"Becoming an UPG Sustainability Leader is being recognised and certified as an agent for change in your community and the world. The participants have a unique experience of learning, presenting and collaborating with incredible people from all over the world, and this brings whole new possibilities to their projects. Once inside the program the leader joins a network with over 1,500 people who want to make the world a better place." said Rodrigo Nunes, UPG Sustainability Leader 2019 (Brazil) and current Project Leader of UPG Sustainability Leadership.

“I started some beautiful activities with some of the students from a partner school here ...we had the presentation of the projects of the children who had different themes about environmental protection and built models from recyclable objects.” Elena Taurus, UPG Sustainability Leader 2019 (Romania).

United People Global has impacted me in many ways and enabled me to learn more than just sustainability. I was so impressed to see such a diverse group of people on a 2030 global agenda program, finding a place to develop and execute projects that will positively impact our world,” Amanda Costa, UPG Sustainability Leader 2019 (Brazil).

"My Mini training at the University of Karachi was about the use recycled material. It was part of a seminar held on the topic of ‘Climate crises and Individual action on Climate Change.’ I conducted three sessions of mini-training sessions: one in the department of Public Administration, University of Karachi and other two were in the department of Geography, University of Karachi. This year I have been conducting training on Disaster Risk Management and about the SDGs to Government officials in the Sindh Province.” Dr. Salman Zubair, UPG Sustainability Leader 2019 (Pakistan).

For young people who apply with the support of their organisation, UPG has launched a special opportunity that reserves places within the Class of 2021 and results in greater impact as each organisation commits to support the candidate in specific ways that enhances the impact of their work. Organisations may submit nominations here: The program also reserves seats for minority groups, including refugees and people with disabilities and more. Gender parity is always guaranteed in the final selection.

“Young people are the most powerful asset in the journey to create a more sustainable world. And with UPG Sustainability Leadership we ensure that our sheroes and heroes are prepared,” said Yemi Babington-Ashaye, President of United People Global.

Young adults between 18 and 35 years old;
Applicants from all nationalities are eligible to apply;
No background in sustainable practices is required;
Candidates from all genders and candidates with disabilities are encouraged to apply;
Candidates must be self-motivated, capable of overcoming major challenges and to think outside of the box;

Applications are free and submitted directly at the UPG Sustainability Leadership website until 11:59 pm Geneva time (CET) on 31 December 2020. The selection is finalised at the end of January 2021.

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