The PHC Consortium Prepares to Adopt the Numero as Currency Option for Projects

Numero Set is a transaction management system based on the principles of Free Issuance Equal Distribution Economics.

Numero Set is a transaction management system based on the principles of Free Issuance Equal Distribution Economics.

Project Health Control - A Career Path for Solution Finders

Project Health Control - A Career Path for Solution Finders

PHC for Performance Improvement

PHC for Performance Improvement

It is high time that international organisations recognise the importance of Free Issuance Equal Distribution currency as a driver of Performance Improvement.

All I ask is the chance to prove that money can't make me happy.”
— Spike Milligan

SOUTHMINSTER, ESSEX, UNITED KINGDOM, June 5, 2021 / -- A PHC Consortium flagship project is now underway with the objective of making computers freely available to the general public using a library system of lending. Computer workstations are set up in local drop-in centres and made available for use on the premises or depending on availability, to take away for use at home. The drop-in centres make up a distributed network of Internet Cafes that also serve as centres for advice and technical support.

The company TROM Computers, a UK based Community Interest Company, is itself a client of the PHC Consortium that is using the Project Health Control methodology for Performance Improvement. TROM Computers is a non-profit organisation that is pioneering an innovative way to organise what will become a legion of volunteers in a rewards system that distributes excess revenue among participants who are working to an hourly rate that varies from zero, up to a fixed upper limit.

During research into solutions for disparity in manpower and material costs between countries, the concept of Currency Issuance and Distribution has become a key factor in the decision on how to implement the TROM Computers money flow. The network of TROM Computers drop-in centres has potential to expand across all countries as a global phenomenon and at the early stages of the project, the set up of a Free Issuance Equal Distribution as economics for internal use in the project seems like a very good idea. The PHC Consortium will adopt as an option for all projects the use of Numero Set as a base currency.

For a close and fascinating look behind the curtain of currency issuance, the two part video series available on the Numero Set You Tube channel demonstrates a basic inefficiency in issuance of fiat currency and introduces the possibility of a fairer alternative.

Part 1: (The Problem) Debt Issuance Selective Distribution Economics
Part 2: (The Solution) Free Issuance Equal Distribution Economics

The video 'Fundamental Economics' puts the Issuance and Distribution concepts into real world practical context.

The money-flow model of TROM Computers is simple. All services related to computer refurbishment and technical support are free. All peripheral hardware and bought-in components are provided at cost. The bulk of the income is from regular donations by local companies and ad hoc donations from public including from borrowers of the refurbished computers.

A lesser core stream of income is from delivery of a Concerns Management services to local government community offices. Every day operation of each drop-in centre is completely aligned with local government that uses the TROM Computers network as a social gauge for community relations. Elected councillors are regular users of the drop-in centres to enhance their visibility and approachability to community members.

"Our immediate goal is to establish a transaction recording mechanism that works in the UK with our impending Nigeria based drop-in centres, and to make it work as the network of drop-in centres continues to expand across countries around the world," said David Winter, Project Director for TROM Computers, "This is a fundamental concept that will pave the way for cooperation in Performance Improvement across the globe."

Fiat currency will be used for transactions with parties outside the project and the Numero will be used for services rendered internally between PHC Consortium members.

"The advantages of adopting the Numero for currency in this project are many," said Innocent Emeka, TROM Computers Operations Manager based in Nigeria, "there is potential for massive value creation as we address concerns about inequality and privilege in Nigeria, and we are following development of UK based operations very closely as we prepare to replicate drop-in centres in Lagos."

The time recording system in the PHC Consortium portal is central to the implementation of the Numero and is in early stages of its use to record transactions. For those operating entirely with in the Numero domain there is no taxation and no debt because as 'holding' becomes negative for some individuals, then new Numero is issued as a safety net for all in the system. Numero 'wealth' is built up as transactions take place.

"To be very clear, Equal Distribution Economics, solves the problems of systematic debt and discrimination," says Jason Nelson, originator of Numero Set, "the TROM Computers project, especially as it progresses into Nigeria where systematic discrimination even has a name 'dash culture', I will be following with keen interest."


Order Efficiency is the creator of the Project Health Control (PHC) methodology behind the PHC Consortium, a collaboration of companies and individuals promoting performance improvement for business and individuals.

Numero Set is a point system that accounts for transactions based on Free Issuance Equal Distribution Economics.

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