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The Survival Artist: A Guide to Living Wild

UNITED STATES, December 30, 2020 / -- In complicated and unpredictable times, we must learn to find a way to get back to the basics of what it means to be alive. We become so focused on the continual movement toward acquiring and achieving in an entirely synthetic man-made world that we have insulated ourselves from the natural world around us. Despite the deep instability of the modern economic system we find ourselves increasingly dependent upon its continuity for our survival, for we have forgotten any other way in which to survive. We have forgotten the most primitive skills which man has collectively passed on through generations.

The simplest of acts, whether that be lighting a fire from sticks, making a shelter, and foraging for food are things that are largely ignored or are seen irrelevant. We needn’t be lost in doomsday conspiracies to recognize the importance of having basic survival skills. More than merely giving you the ability to survive in difficult situations, they give you the ability to get in touch with the primal ground of being that we as humans have departed from. There is an elemental part of us that is missed when we depart from natural environments.

We no longer know what it means to walk barefoot in the forest, spot edible plants, hear the sound of identifiable birds, as we are all too lost in the incessant drone of cars and flickering screens and all the promises they hold. What is it that we will have lost if we continue to deny these elementary ways of life?
Survival Artist aspires to be a platform to be able to educate and bring forth and share these long-cherished yet quickly vanishing ways of being. There is an Art of Survival that we have long ago missed by the distracting man made noise that has lulled our mind.

We must awaken our senses to the call of the wild if we are to do more than merely survive in this world. If we are to seek anything more than what is promised us through the media’s advertising we will have to remember these small life sustaining acts that will awaken our primal sense of what it is to be human.

Join Survival Artist is its journey.

Bram K
Survival Artist
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