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Municipal Transit Solutions Announces Affordable LRT's That Can Pass Each Other

Ulrta-light Rail Transit Combines the Best of BRT and LRT Technologies

Municipal Transit Solutions

On/Off Rail Technology is a Game Changer

Imagine the social, economic, and environmental impacts of public transit that can be constructed quickly, while paying for itself. It’s the breakthrough needed for suburbs and medium size cities.”
— Steve Ostrowski
TORONTO, ON, CANADA, December 17, 2020 / -- Municipal Transit Solutions (MTS) has developed a complete transit system using electric buses on rails for the performance of an LRT at the price of a BRT. It is a pioneering solution that combines existing transit technologies in one sophisticated system, with a construction cost of about $10M/mi.

The low capital high ridership system is capable of paying for itself with revenue, costing taxpayers nothing, according to a feasibility study by MTS.
"We took a worst case ridership scenario in a small US city and the data validates an 11 year payback. This is the impact of the low capital design yielding high ridership revenue," says Steve Ostrowski, CEO of Municipal Transit Solutions Inc.

Cities planning a BRT or an LRT now have a third option that has the potential of providing a whole system instead of a single line for about the same money. “It’s much more than an LRT for much less time and money,” says Ostrowski, “Imagine the social, economic, and environmental impacts of public transit that can be constructed quickly, while paying for itself. It’s the breakthrough needed for suburbs and medium size cities".

MTS calls it Ultra-Light Rail Transit (ULRT). Lightweight electric vehicles are sophisticated LRT's when on rails, and agile buses when on tires, able to pass each other and traffic at will. Because the vehicles weigh the same as a typical regional bus, the rails can be surface mounted, avoiding any disturbance of underground utilities. By avoiding utilities, the engineering and construction time, from go ahead to operation, is crushed from about 10 years to less than 3 years.

Communities dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint will make instant and significant progress with a ULRT. Preliminary analysis indicates the total project lifecycle carbon footprint for a ULRT is just 5% that of an equivalent LRT. Contributors to the low number are faster benefit, practical elimination of concrete use, and ultra efficient vehicles that use flash charging instead of batteries for energy.

Public transit data tells a grim story, says Ragu Nathan, P.Eng., Lead Engineer at Municipal Transit Solutions, “Communities can afford buses that nobody wants to ride, while LRT's cost too much, stalling urgently needed transit development. Our system bridges the bus to LRT price gap with a far better and faster solution: the ULRT.”

Mr. Nathan, with decades of experience implementing major transit projects, continues, “Transit development for a metropolitan city involves careful planning and execution, while minimizing risks every step of the way. The ULRT solution is low-cost, profitable, and can be implemented much quicker than LRT and BRT systems. This significantly reduces project risks, and results in a bigger benefit to the city, and the taxpayers, in a shorter time.”

MTS is the only company worldwide to approach transit with a solution that is neither a bus nor an LRT. The ULRT solution, from concept to financing, construction, and operation, is available now, for operation within 3 years.

It is not often a solution so complete addresses a problem so complex.

About Municipal Transit Solutions (MTS)
MTS is a consortium of firms specializing in the areas of technology integration, including rideshare software, engineering, infrastructure construction, financing, operation, and contract maintenance. Its mission is to accelerate the construction of public transit for faster social, environmental, and economic benefit. This is a company that thinks radical, acts practical, and is prepared to deliver complete ULRT systems to communities ready to embrace real innovation. MTS is accepting project inquiries from communities throughout North America.

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