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No Place Like Home

Where Is My Home?

Where Is My Home?

Learning life’s lessons the hard way

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, December 17, 2020 / -- Who would have thought that people and animals could have almost the same concept of a home? After all, we are inclined to believe that most animals prefer to be in the challenging wilderness than in the warmth of a human home. What the book Where is My Home? shows is a different perspective altogether.

The book talks about the meaningful saga of a kitten named Sonic, one of four siblings in the household of the Jakes family. The family adored the kittens except for Sonic because despite his cuteness, he was not friendly or cuddly. When Sonic was set free in the wild, he was ecstatic. But his initial excitement faded as soon as he realized that living on his own was not easy. Scared and lonely, Sonic decided to go home. To get back, he had to travel 30 miles and face harsh weather, and unfriendly animals and people along the way. After nine months of struggling on the road, he successfully gets home.

Author Joan Romney Groves, a retired elementary school counselor and a grandmother of 28, based this meaningful book on a true story. She believes that children learn empathy and character development from such stories. With her skillful storytelling, she successfully showed that there really is no place like home.

Readers found that the book is a great read for children and teenagers. Beyond its excellent storytelling, the readers loved how the book subtly presented the difficulty of the real world and the importance of finding your ‘home.’ The children will definitely love it, especially its colorful illustrations. ‘Where is my Home’ perfectly captures the feeling of being given utmost care at home, in contrast with the outside world full of challenges and hardship. It is definitely a must read.

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