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An Open Letter to the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi from Krishnan Suthanthiran

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Krishnan Suthanthiran, President & Founder, TeamBest Global Companies & Best Cure Foundation

Globally, private healthcare is corrupt, expensive and wasteful. Public healthcare is poorly-equipped, corrupt, inefficient and wasteful. Hence, I am creating a corruption-free, cost-effective system.”
— Krishnan Suthanthiran, TeamBest Global Companies/Best Cure Foundation
WASHINGTON, DC, USA, December 15, 2020 / -- TeamBest Global (TBG ) Companies and Best Cure Foundation (BCF) plan to establish over 1000 general and multi-specialty medical centers (including comprehensive cancer and cardiac/vascular imaging centers), linked to express & mobile clinics as a "Hub & Spoke" model, covering all rural areas as well as small towns, small-to-medium cities and major cities in India, offering state-of-the-art modern healthcare services, including alternative medicine therapies, starting in 2021 .

The majority of cancer patients receiving radiation treatment in India are being treated with technologies invented/manufactured by TeamBest Global Companies. Nearly 40 years ago, I traveled many times to India and met with the Officials of BARC and AERB. I was seeking permission to manufacture products based on modern technologies for cancer treatment in India. In spite of many trips and meetings with them, they refused permission for my company to manufacture these in India under a license for advanced technology companies.

In the late 1980s, BARC established an operation named BRIT using all of my Ideas. This is a bureaucratic organization, supported and funded by the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), wasting many tens of millions of USD over the last 30 years and not accomplishing quality manufacturing technologies for treatment of cancer patients in India.

In September 1969, I left India for Canada with just 400 Canadian Dollars and a one-way air ticket from Coimbatore, India to Ottawa, Canada on Kuwait Airways/Air Canada to pursue my Masters Degree in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

I immigrated to Washington, DC in June 1972, as a permanent resident/green card holder and settled in this area — for almost half a century now. Currently, I am an Overseas Citizen of India. Over the last 20 plus years, I have invested nearly 200 million USD in high-tech medical products for cancer, cardiac diseases, diagnostic radiology equipment, real estate, energy, entertainment and research.

Starting in 2021, I am launching my Global Healthcare Delivery program in several countries, including India, using BCF’s Total Health Approach of Prevention, Early Detection and Effective Treatment for Total Cure. This is a Proactive Healthcare Delivery System based on Clinical Outcome, Benefits and Cost, for significantly superior outcomes at lower cost than the current system of expensive private and public healthcare systems around the world.

Globally, private healthcare is corrupt, expensive and wasteful. Public healthcare is poorly-equipped, corrupt, inefficient and wasteful. Hence, I am creating a corruption-free, cost-effective system. It is a combination of private practice, non-profit healthcare delivery, private non-profit insurance and private non-profit research organizations, under my non-profit Best Cure Foundation, combined with for-profit companies, investing in real estate, medical capital for equipment financing and manufacturing.

In addition, the above plans will include providing accessible/affordable purified drinking water and sewer systems to every corner of India by partnering with other private and government organizations.

The ultimate goals are:
1. To manufacture 50% or more of the world class technologies and products in India and reduce the foreign exchange demand by saving 100 or more billions of USD annually for India.
2. Reduce the death and suffering from cancer, cardiac, diabetes, obesity, and infectious/other diseases by 50% or more.
Globally, cardiac diseases are the number one cause of death, cancer is second, and it is believed that the third largest is Infection acquired in hospitals, due to negligence and misadministration.
3. Increase the export of many high-tech medical equipments and products to many other countries from India.

Dear Prime Minister, I humbly request your blessings and full support for these endeavors in India.
Thank you in advance for your attention — I am wishing you the very best. Be safe and healthy!

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