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Swedish company Rankson AB starts affiliate website in India

Rankson AB is expanding its business by adding a new affiliate marketing website in India. It's a lucrative market, and therefore, worthy of an investment.

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN, December 7, 2020 / -- The company (Rankson AB) widens its portfolio and invests in a new website, It's a new and fresh project that will strengthen the company's portfolio and hopefully lead to increased revenues. The site will serve as a platform where it markets various partner-websites. In other words, visitors will find trustworthy products, offers & promotions, and other helpful content. It will, therefore, be a useful site for both beginners and experienced individuals.

Why India? India's technology is growing, and the whole country moves towards modernization. So more and more people will use the internet for several errands and reasons in the future. Also, as the countries economy increase, so will the need for many online services. Investing there is, therefore, in the company's best interest.

In the future, Rankson might launch the site in additional countries and languages. However, as the site's main content is English, the most convenient thing is to establish new English-speaking markets first. But for starters, it's full focus on India.

The Primary source of traffic will be from search engines, mostly Google. Therefore, putting significant staff hours into high-quality content and trusted partners for our visitors will be essential. Another focus area for the company is SEO and building a well-established brand around Gambul. So the site will be active on social media and other online channels.

The website is already up and running, and the coming year's investment strategy is in place. There's still much work to be done with this project. But it will grow and expand its reach for people all around India in the future.

Short info about the company: Rankson AB is a Swedish online affiliate marketing company. We help to deliver customers to companies in various markets. We also focus on SEO, and one of our projects is, active in Canada, Sweden, and Norway. For more info about the company, visit

Jonas Gustafsson
Rankson AB
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