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GoFundMe Campaign Hopes to Raise $75,000 for Much-Needed Essentials for People of Chinchero, Peru

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, USA, December 1, 2020 / -- Calvary La Semilla, a partner ministry of Rocky Mountain Calvary, is raising $75,000 to expand the church's base of operations and build an entirely new multifunctional center that will serve as the community's hub, a church, an outreach center, a food distributions center, and a training center.

The purchase of the land and the entire building totals $75,000. So far, the calvary has raised $4,000. The piece of land that Calvary La Semilla is looking at is 1,000 square meters (10,763 square feet). Calvary La Semilla plans to use the final building to provide a safe place for their children’s ministry, a refuge for widows, and a place of growth for the congregation of the new church plant. Donations go to the Rocky Mountain Calvary, which partners with Calvary La Semilla. Backers who access the GoFundMe campaign through social media platforms like Facebook are encouraged to leave a note in the comments section detailing who they heard about the campaign from.

Donators and backers of this GoFundMe campaign can also choose to donate in multiple ways. They can give a one-time donation of any amount they'd like. Other ways to contribute to the project's cause include yearly and monthly gifts. Annual gifts are used by the calvary to plan for future needs, while monthly donations will help the campaign reach its goal, as well as contribute to budgeting for ongoing expenses.

The calvary's efforts have been focused on improving the lives of the locals of Chinchero, Peru, by providing all the physical essentials, such as food, clothing, and shelter, as well as counseling, economic training, hygiene, and practical skills. The new center is the result of the calvary's five years of deep, one-on-one work within Chinchero. As a collective ministry, pastors and missionaries have built long-term relationships within the community by improving access to basic necessities such as food, water, and education.

The ministry is split in two: one serves children, while the other caters to the needs of widows. The children's ministry is dedicated to kids aged 3 to 14, helping them continue learning to work the fields within their community and shepherding flocks. Calvary La Semilla also runs a successful food program, English classes, computer workshops, and other training programs for helpful life skills. The widows' ministry currently consists of 30 widows, who integrate with the local church, relying on food baskets and skills programs to enhance their quality of life.

Darwin Torrez
Calvary LaSemilla