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METHOD APPROACH® Launches Its New Film, Theater and TV Podcast on Audioboom With Interviews of Acclaimed Method Actors.

METHOD APPROACH® Anounces its 1st Annual 2020 METHOD APPROACH® Awards for Excellence In Film, Theatre and TV Streaming Virtually In 2021.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2021 / -- The "METHOD APPROACH® podcast brings to its audience interviews of notable people and that shape our culture, our daily lives, our environment and our humanity."

"How many film, theater, or TV productions have you watched where the supporting or character actor's performance was so riveting you said to yourself "I would like to know more about the actor. Each podcast episode is a cutting edge Socratic discourse with actors as to how and why their film, TV and/or theatre performances were transformed into a leading role," said Paula Levine, Vice President of Streaming Marketing for Lexcirca Streaming Media Company (

"Method Approach’s use of the Socratic Method in interviews is described as “illuminating, cerebral, provocative, sometimes humorous and sometimes “out of the box," said John G. Rearden, creator and frequent host of Method Approach.

"METHOD APPROACH® is defined as: 1. Podcast interviewing actors of distinction; 2. devoted to an examination of mores, institutions and current events."

METHOD APPROACH® is produced by Lexcirca Streaming Media Company, a creator of a library of original entertainment film and TV content that it pitches to such streaming services as Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc.

METHOD APPROACH® also announced its 1st Annual 2020 METHOD APPROACH® Awards for excellence in film, theatre and TV. In 2021, the awards will have a virtual format. "The METHOD APPROACH® Awards celebrate the very best of film, theater and streaming television," said Ms. Levine.

The nominees are selected by the Notable Magazine ( Editorial Board, and spans 15 categories, from Best Method Approach Actor to Most Riveting Transformational Performance, covering every aspect of film, theater and TV production. The awards are a new flagship for Podcast.

METHOD APPROACH® also announces that in 2021 it will begin providing it's "unique reviews and ratings of Streaming Film, Theatre, and TV digital entertainment, from many companies such as Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Discovery," said Levine.

Lexcirca Streaming Media Co. in 2021 previews its new trailer "Never Again" an action film in the increasingly popular vigilante family revenge action films popularized by such box office hits - Keanu Reeves' "John Wick," Liam Neeson's "Taken" and Bruce Willis' "Death Wish."

Notable Magazine was relaunched in 2020. Notable Magazine's inaugural launch online occurred several years earlier.

"Method Approach is an elegant, informative, thought provoking PODCAST. Method Approach BRINGS YOU…Noteworthy People! People you need to know! People you would like to meet…."said Paula.

Lexcirca Media Company has created More Relevant Content for Our Audiences to Enjoy!

NEVER AGAIN - New Trailer In Production

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New Trailer from Lexcirca Media "Never Again"