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Rallyware Launches Cutting-Edge Analytics Suite That Connects Workforce Performance to Specific Learning Initiatives

Rallyware Dashboard

Rallyware Dashboard

Rallyware’s analytics suite is set to revolutionize distributed and remote workforce management by connecting learning initiatives to organizational KPIs.

Building upon the best practices in performance enablement, Rallyware's analytics suite will forever change the way companies manage their remote and distributed workforces.”
— George Elfond
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2020 / -- Rallyware introduces an innovative analytics suite that will take remote workforce management to the next level. These live dashboards reflect employee experience, organizational KPIs, and the success of upskilling and reskilling initiatives to provide companies with the most actionable insights. Live analytics data, multiple filtering with data export options, and predictive capabilities make Rallyware’s new dashboards a cutting-edge solution that helps the organizations align performance and learning data with the company’s KPIs by showing exactly which learning initiatives are most effective in driving performance outcomes.

“Building upon the best practices in performance enablement, our new analytics tool will forever change the way companies manage their remote and distributed workforces since it provides a crystal clear picture of where your workforce currently is at the most granular level and how you can help them get to the next level,” said George Elfond, the CEO of Rallyware.

People analytics is the driving force behind the successful implementation of employee training and engagement programs. The best way to effectively approach workforces of diverse ages, genders, races, and cultural backgrounds is to utilize people analytics and automatically tailor the upskilling and reskilling experience to each employee individually.

Rallyware is a market-leading provider of performance enablement solutions that help organizations engage employees in the most meaningful and effective ways through smart mobile and web apps. By connecting learning and business activities with performance data, Rallyware reinvents enterprise training, driving productivity and engagement of distributed teams at scale.

At the core of Rallyware’s performance enablement platform is a business rules engine. Using complex AI algorithms, the engine analyzes live performance and learning data and offers personalized growth programs for each employee, assisting companies in the creation of innovative, adaptable, and agile workforces.

Such a customized approach opens up revolutionary possibilities for workforce management and is already making an impact on large organizations all over the world. Rallyware’s solutions have been implemented by businesses in 57 countries, and have already impacted more than 10 million lives.

While traditional analytics dashboards allow organizations to view and analyze historical workforce performance data, Rallyware’s innovative approach takes it one step further with live analytics and predictive capabilities that paint a comprehensive picture of organizational performance, allowing companies to boost their human capital management abilities.

A powerful built-in people analytics engine will enable organizations to retrieve historical data and analyze previous upskilling and reskilling initiatives at the company to gain invaluable actionable insights. This, in turn, will help in establishing more efficient training practices to empower the organization’s existing talent base in the most powerful ways.

The UI/UX of the new live dashboards in the analytics suite was tailored to the needs of today's field training leaders, highlighting the most critical areas of their workforce learning progress. Based on the current needs of the organization, various indicators, from general overviews of daily activities to deep dives into individual performance, can be retrieved based on predefined filters.

Businesses can now have access to the most powerful insights in real-time on both a granular level and a large scale. Some examples of such insights are:
- Macro and micro trends of workforce learning and performance,
- Historical and projected training program adoption rates,
- Changes in daily active users,
- Available tasks and programs,
- Device preferences, and much more.

By gaining access to such data, the organization can adjust training initiatives to boost workforce performance or reach very specific business results.

Having access to metrics like platform adoption or task completion rates has become easier than ever before. For instance, by applying available filters, the company can discover the task progress and completion rate of every user, as well as note users with no available tasks.

A powerful analytics dashboard is essential for efficient workforce management, as it is the key to evaluating current programs and identifying areas for improvement. All industry leaders are swiftly adopting people analytics, and having these powerful live dashboards provides a way to gain a competitive edge on the market. A powerful people analytics dashboard is the key to boosting talent retention rate, levels of collaboration, human capital management, and the ability to predict skill gaps and successfully fill them, thus supercharging upskilling and reskilling initiatives.

Rallyware’s smart performance enablement platform driven by proprietary AI algorithms and millions of industry data points is breaking new ground in distributed workforce management. With the latest analytics dashboards, businesses can gather invaluable insights into employee performance and gain an edge over the competition. More information can be found on the company’s website:

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