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Interesting Facts about Elsner's Magento and WordPress Extension

This press release contains some of the important facts of famous extensions that e-commerce businesses should have in their e-commerce store.

CALIFORNIA, USA, November 19, 2020 / -- There is a huge opportunity on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday to shop online and complete your essential needs. These events come once a year with many deals and discounts that can add a significant change in the e-commerce business. You can add effective changes in your platform like integrating the Multi-currency Magento 2 payment gateways, Magento 2 PWA, and many more extensions to boost your sales performance.

We will tell you some of the important benefits of famous extensions that e-commerce business should have in their e-commerce store:

PayPal multi-Currency Extension: People today are enjoying online shopping and prefer it more to get their services or products with safety. Integrating a payment gateway Magento 2 that has Multi-Currency support helps both the buyers and sellers to complete transactions easily.

Advantages of PayPal Multi-Currency Extension:

- Remove additional charges for currency conversions and gain customers' trust.
- Customers or owners can check the price in simple and rounded numbers
- Handle refunds and chargebacks easily with this extension
- Reduce card abandonment as customers can see the exact price without any hidden charges.

Magento 2 PWA Extension: Progressive Web App is used in trending website technologies to give a better user experience by making it responsive and compatible with different browsers and devices. It makes the Magento 2 platform enriched with advanced features and also has reporting functionality to check the statistics of the website.

Some facts of Magento 2 PWA:

- Cost-effective while getting into app stores
- Customers can visit the website with a weak or no internet connection, which is performed by the Service Worker that caches the content when the -device is online.
- Makes the Magento 2 store more SEO friendly
- No updates required when you work with PWA

Gain Profits on These Special Occasions: Many small or middle scale businesses avoid integrating extensions as they have a limited amount to spend, but this holiday season they can get a chance to integrate the essential extensions. We are giving discounts on every plugin and extension during this holiday season.

Selecting the plugins that can be a complex procedure as you have so many options, just pick the best ones as you have limited resources. We have a professional team that can help you in integrating important plugins like Multi-currency Magento 2, Payment Gateways, and much more easily into your e-commerce store. We at Elsner, are focused on giving the best services to our customers as we believe in building long-term relationships. Utilize this Black Friday and Cyber Monday to boost the performance and sales of your Magento store.

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