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Finally, Someone Translated Blockchain Into English And It’s Actually Useful

Blockchain. A buzzword that still echoes from the 2017 hype but has since lost people’s attention, yet it has become more relevant than ever.

JAKARTA, TANGERANG, INDONESIA, November 17, 2020 / -- When J.K. Rowling asked about bitcoin on Twitter, few missed out to jump at the opportunity. From Elon Musk to the official bitcoin Twitter account. It’s a great example of how not to introduce new technology, especially a complicated one. The crypto community has become rough terrain for newcomers expected to grasp a vast vocabulary of insider terms on day one. Complex math analogies and pictures that jump from shells to gold to twenty lines scribbled across half a dozen computers don’t help. The average person can’t possibly understand them.

After all, you go from shells to gold, to coins, to notes, and finally data. This makes more sense picture-wise but isn’t exactly helpful either.

Let's look at an example of "how-else"

UNIME is a new wallet/messenger app. It’s built to be very secure, but most importantly simple. Sure, it unites several features in one app and has a wallet to pay for everyday purchases, but it’s first and foremost a useful app. You click one button to install it and you don’t need to fill out lengthy forms to set an account up. You download it because it’s useful and it doesn’t try to push in-app purchases or an auto-renewing subscription on you. No crypto lore or social justice paywall either.

Instead of blindly trusting large corporations with a long history of being hacked, selling user data, and changing terms seemingly on a whim, data is completely anonymized on every end and a public ledger nobody can manipulate keeps track.
Note: Uni services are powered by Uni’s native blockchain called UniChain. No ERC20 protocol, no copy, no Whitelabel, no fork. It’s new software.


If you have been anywhere on the internet in the last couple of years, you have run into these buzzwords. Echosystem, leverage, decentralized, despite. A fancy-sounding techy word pushing some product or service. At least this has been the case until Covid became the center of attention, but the 'buzzyness' prevails. Same with AI, ML, and any other postal code looking acronym.
The idea itself is actually good. You have something useful, so you build more useful things, connect them, and hopefully, everything is even more useful now.

The average person only has 5-8 apps and websites

It’s not really noticed much, but it happens all the time. Google acquired YouTube, Facebook acquired Instagram, and so forth. It’s because most people use about 5-9 apps like a messenger, something to watch videos on, and something to send emails, but that’s mostly it. On top of that, we have multiple duplicates for these seemingly few services. 5 messengers, 4 socials, 6 emails with 2 apps for them [...].

"Can I just... ok?"

It’s messy and one of the reasons services like UNIME exist. You install one app and you are done. Thanks to technical API call mumbo jumbo you are done. If you want to message someone on a different messenger or even send them an SMS, you can do so with UNIME.
Instead of reading up for hours on how crypto and what not work, you can open the app and use your credit card to pay for things. Or crypto. Or your debit. Whatever you want. No one thing is forced upon you. No unnecessary newsletter you never wanted to sign-up for in the first place either. You can, and it’s easy. That’s it.

“HODL UNW” & “Make Your Own Token”

This title showcases the core problem many blockchain companies and crypto services face. What does hold mean in this context? What does UNW stand for? It’s a turn-off. Yes, UNIME uses crypto and blockchain, but it also uses coding languages like solidity or python, the internet, your phone, and by extension the manufacturing processes necessary to make that phone. Unless you are an engineer, e.g. at Samsung or Microsoft, you will likely not know how any of this works. You simply go online and google cat videos, maybe send a link to your friend if you found a really good one and that’s ok. If you do know about tokens and want to make your own, you can do so too without knowing that they would be powered by UniChain’s URC20 protocol. Perhaps you do know and you are simply searching for the right link.

Uni (, not to be confused with the cruise ship company) does just as the name implies, it combines. When Uni talks about “Ecosystem” it is referring to several services people actually use. Sadly, this is the exception. 2020 hasn’t been a kind year for anyone, but adversity can also be a chance to innovate.

Watching The Crash

After the biggest crash on the stock market we face the biggest rise, but imagine you had to sit there, waiting, unable to do anything as your savings evaporated in smoke. This scary scenario happened to many Bitcoin owners since its inception, most notably in 2017 when a single transaction could take weeks. The reason was in simple terms a slow system getting increasingly overwhelmed to the point where fees and waiting time reached unprecedented levels. Or the time someone tried to transfer a small sum of Ethereum but had to pay millions in fees because of a critical mistake.

The markets are growing, all of them. If there is one thing we can predict, then that there is simply more. More transactions, more products, more exports: more.

Technological progress hasn’t slept either and one can’t help but be caught up in the new tide.
Everything is new. Don’t be stuck in the past. It’s time to shake off the dust on your shoulders and face the post-covid
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