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Melody Anderson Thoughts For Thanksgiving In A Covid World

Melody Anderson. Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

“There is no ‘Thanks,’ without the ‘Giving.’ Feelings of gratitude, without some action attached, leaves our hearts hollow.” — Melody J. Anderson, LCSW

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, November 16, 2020 / -- Actress Melody Anderson, has always been grateful that her starring vehicle, “Flash Gordon,” became a Thanksgiving TV staple for families to share on this special day. “I became an actress to emotionally move people and now, as a psychotherapist, I can help to move people’s emotions so they can find peace and freedom.”

Ms. Anderson is currently helping families cope with the challenge of a COVID Thanksgiving. She understands that many families and friends will miss out on their usual gatherings. Sadly, some will have empty chairs at the table, due to the loss of loved ones from this pandemic. Ms. Anderson lost her mother this June and due to COVID, she was not allowed to enter the facility to console her dying Mother. “My heart also goes out to those who are alone this year because there is no family or support for them.”

“There may not be a lot of ‘Thanks’ in Thanksgiving this year, but if we remind ourselves that “Giving” is also part of Thanks-Giving, we can move past our feelings of isolation and aloneness through taking actions.”

Ms. Anderson suggests 5 “Giving Actions,” that can connect us together through Gratitude:

1. We can join with our family and friends on Skype, FaceTime, Duo, and Zoom, and share 5 Gratitudes we have in our lives.

2. We can go around the Zoom screen and tell each other 3 gifts they give us by being in our lives. Share 3 qualities they have for which we are grateful. Through the appreciation of others, we are “Giving” them the knowledge of how special they are to us.

3. Set an agreed to time, so everyone can connect on Zoom and share their dining experience while watching a football game or their favorite family holiday movie, such as “Flash Gordon!”

4. Watch your expectations that this Thanksgiving HAS to be as great as the ones before. Find what you are grateful for on this day. Look for contentment rather than exuberant happiness.

5. Gratitude is an action that makes us all feel Thankful. I recommend my clients write down 5 Gratitudes daily, which helps release their brain’s “feel-good hormones,” creating a positive feeling during the day. If you are interested in experiencing Thanksgiving every 365 days of the year, try Wendy Meg Siegel’s book, “The Gratitude Habit.” Try it, you’ll be Grateful!

Due to COVID, Melody J. Anderson, LCSW, is currently working with her local and international clients on Zoom. She specializes in treating trauma, grief, addiction, and relational conflict in couples and families. To learn more about her and her practice, please check out or reach out to her at

Melody J. Anderson, LCSW, has a private psychotherapy practice in Westwood, LA, and New York City. She works with couples, individuals, adolescents, and families who face: anxiety, relational conflict, depression, trauma, addiction, impulse control, step-family issues, child-rearing, couple disputes, how to live with an addict, 12-Step Programs; life transitions, career concerns, life-coaching, and grief. Ms. Anderson is also a Licensed California Reverend, offering pre-marital counseling and wedding services. She also offers marital guidance for couples in recovery. Skype and Zoom sessions are also available.


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