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New Book Needs Stories about 2020

Searching for Stories & Experiences that depict any issues from 2020, including, but not only Covid -Don’t Have to Be a Writer to Contribute!

ROANOKE VIRGINIA, VA, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2020 / -- Golden Quill Press is searching for stories for our new book… in our “TELL IT TO THE FUTURE,” series. This book to be sub-titled, “Have I Got A Story For You about 2020.”

People do not have to be writers to contribute – all we are looking for is experiences people are willing to share: – (nothing political – religious- sexual or in any way rated above PG) These stories will become sections of this book:

healthcare workers –

anyone who had or knew someone who had Covid –

or anyone who’s having difficulty dealing with anything this year –

In these sections we will explore the stories and then ask the following questions:

How have you coped? And then ask a special question to each story teller that will give guidance for anyone reading this book and hopefully additional insight to the participants also.

Golden Quill Press believes this book will not only help us all get through these times together, but will be a record of how we helped each other with strength and resilience we as a people show at times when things look their bleakest.

In addition, for those having the hardest time, we know reading stories can provide hope and guidance that leads to a renewed strength. There is also comfort to be found in knowing you are not alone and seeing how others are managing through these times.

The uncertainty is a main difficulty for us all, as is the solitary existence so sharing can have a profound effect; even though we have no idea when this will end.

We hope this book can help guide us all …writers and readers alike, until we are all able to hug and kiss and comfort each other again!

If anyone is interested in being part of this journey, they can email
Subject: TELL IT TO THE FUTURE Story experience
and we will explain what we want and how to send their story.

We also hope people will share this request with others so we can gets lots of experiences for this book, so please pass on the request

Francine Barish-Stern Bray
Golden Quill Press
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