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Alternative Petroleum Technologies Announces Appointment of Distribution Partner for 15 Southern African Countries

Southern African Development Community (SADC)

Opal offers an excellent entry-point into an under-served market. We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with them.”
— APT Director, Jack Carter
RENO, NV, U.S.A., November 10, 2020 / -- Alternative Petroleum Technologies Holdings Corp. ("APT") has signed a distribution agreement with OPAL Energy (“OPAL”). The distribution agreement covers the sales territory of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) shown below. The distribution agreement covers APT’s unique, patented, cost-saving Sulfex™ desulfurization process - a much lower capital investment and operating cost, safer with a much smaller carbon footprint alternative to hydro desulfurization (hydrotreating).

“We are honored to partner with APT to continue our eco-friendly, sustainable business mission while supporting SADC’s environmental improvement initiatives at a reduced cost but also bringing APT’s climate technology to the SADC region” states OPAL Director Kumeshen Govender.

OPAL has based its business model on the South African population forecast to increase by 22 million over the next 25 years. Thus, even more energy will be required to meet rising demand. It will take all available sources of energy to fill this need — both legacy and alternative sources. And while alternative energy sources are steadily making advances, they will not be capable of meeting future demand alone. Even as we transition to a low emissions future, hydrocarbon-based energy sources will be counted on to meet the bulk of the South Africa’s energy demand well into the future. OPAL is a 100%-women-owned, women managed business.

“We are very excited to be working with OPAL to bring APT’s environmentally friendly technologies to the SADC countries.” stated APT Executive Director, Steve G. Stevanovich.

APT’s Director, Jack Carter also stated “Opal offers an excellent entry-point into an under-served market. We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with them.”

APT's unique, patented, cost-saving Sulfex™ desulfurization process uses liquids, in a low pressure and low-temperature environment to achieve petroleum-based fuel sulfur levels down to less than 10 ppm and produces a finished fuel ready for use. APT's Sulfex™ process is operationally much simpler than the HDS system currently used at refiners to desulfurize fuels, making it considerably less expensive and much safer to use. The process has been independently validated by the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Labs ( and the initial mass balance of the plant has also been reviewed and confirmed by a global engineering firm.

About OPAL Energy

We believe in the power of energy to transform lives, enhance rural communities, advance human progress, and sustain our planet.

We’re committed to driving energy efficiency and addressing South Africa’s emissions challenge. And as the South Africa’s largest integrated Youth Based oil and gas company, we believe we are uniquely qualified to make effective contributions to the overall solution.

We have already demonstrated the potential of technology with our partnership on the supply of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel to reduce emissions from both mobile and stationary sources. We are also capturing emissions on marine / industrial applications with Ad Blue and turning them into useful industrial products and manufacturing feedstocks that boost economic growth and job creation. These successes, along with other strategies, have given us one of the lowest CO2 footprints in the KZN oil and gas industry.

At Opal Energy and as young South Africans, we are proactively doing our part to reliably and sustainably provide the energy products that enable people to seize opportunities that can transform our country.

For more information, please contact OPAL Energy at or by phone at (031) 708 1680 or visit us online at

About Alternative Petroleum Technologies, Inc.

Alternative Petroleum Technologies (APT) is an environmental technology company dedicated to comprehensive cost-effective solutions to environmental problems centering on the processing and usage of hydrocarbons. With numerous worldwide patents and patent applications, APT is the worldwide master licensee of the world's most extensive emulsified fuel technology platform.

Using its protected technologies, APT has developed products that provide economical ways to address the increasingly stringent environmental and emission regulations globally to:

• Remove as much as 99.9% reductions of all sulfur compounds found in existing high sulfur fuels and middle distillates sourced from various refineries;
• Enhance combustion efficiency of fuel oil for industrial furnaces and boilers;
• Substitute water for expensive light distillates (i.e. diesel) in producing heavy fuel oil (HFO);
• Reduce Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions, the key hurdle to global adoption of biofuel and biodiesel-based products; and
• Remove sulfur from petroleum in ways that are both more economical as well as more environmentally friendly than methods in current use.

For more information, please contact APT at or by phone at +1 775 409 3951 or visit us online at

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