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2020 Election: Gen Z says "Bring on the Ballot" as they go all in for this year's vote

Gen Z is not going to miss out on voting in this year's election, launching Bring on the Ballot, the Gen Z Voter project in partnership with Consciously Studio


There are moments of great significance in our lives and there are moments of great urgency. 2020 is one of those moments. We recognize that the time has come for us to step up and lead the change. There is no going back to the days when we didn’t know better, as 2020 continues to barrel through our communities leveraging hate, division, and ignorance as wrecking balls demolishing the good with the bad, announcing that the time has come for us to UNITE as a collective in order to put a stop to the wreckage.

With only nine days away from the Presidential Election, the stakes could not be higher.

Bring on the Ballot, the Gen Z Voter project of Consciously Studio, has brought together Artists, young Filmmakers, Photographers, and Poets from across the United States for the virtual art exhibit "Our Vote, Our Reality" in order to come together as a collective to inspire our country’s youth vote/changemakers to continue the fight for democracy, (

As featured Gen Z Voter Karen Navarro sums up her excitement to vote in this year’s election, “As a first time voter, I can say that I’ve anticipated the 46th presidential election long enough; I finally will be able to exercise my freedom of speech to influence the country’s future as well as my own personal life. It may just be a one-in-a- million vote, but I have a lot to say in it, and therefore I trust this new generation of voters too- especially with new youth advocating reform movements seeking to change our society day by day, minute by minute. The youth is the future, and I have the honor of being today's youth.”

OUR VOTE, OUR REALITY represents the coming together of citizens of varying backgrounds who are using our creative voices to amplify the message that now that we know better, we must vote better. Our future is in our hands and this moment is ours to conquer and it is for our own democracy and that of generations to come that we must show up and VOTE. That is how we change tomorrow’s history. #VOTE

Participating artists include: Sanna Legan, Founder of the Choose Choice Project and Creative Director of AmplifyHer NYC whose work is even more reflective now following news of the newly appointed Supreme Court Justice; Washington D.C. based Ale Rodriguez-Gitler, Los Angeles Times Illustrator Hanna Carter of Portland, OR; fashion designer and illustrator Becky Pedroza of Brooklyn, NY; Orlando, FL based Disney Creative Group designer, Ty Rally, Oakland, CA founder of Kiss My Black Arts collective Rtystk Shavers, renown artist iris yirei hu of Pasadena, CA and more (full list below).

Participating artist, Reid Wassmer of Cincinnati, OH, states in his artist’s statement:
“These pieces are products of quick, artistic reactions to our turbulent news cycle. As a voter in 2020, sometimes I feel like the only way I can cope and take action against what’s happening around me is to create something I feel passionate about. I used to not be that way; I used to hide in a bubble without sharing how I felt. But if a Trump supporter can openly back his racist, sexist, xenophobic policies why can’t I openly support the opposite? I want to be on the right side of history this year. “

The film shorts like the art in the virtual exhibit tackle, amongst many others, themes of discrimination, life during a pandemic, climate crisis, and voting.

It is through this exhibit in combination with other digital and virtual efforts that Bring on the Ballot hopes to continue to encourage last-minute voters or undecided voters to participate casting a ballot in this year’s election--especially Gen Z.

For more information, please contact Siria Contreras ( or Colette Ussery (

Bring on the Ballot is a "by Gen Z for Gen Z" voter education and amplification campaign empowered by entertainment industry professionals that leverages our creative and marketing backgrounds that we typically utilize for the entertainment industry in order to empower our generation to take civic responsibility this election around the issues that we care about.

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