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The Resilience Bounce Back Playbook Arms Those Who Aim to Achieve

Online program consisting of 20 straightforward sessions that equip subscribers with simple, effective tools to achieve positive results during uncertain times

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2020 / -- The global pandemic has unended life as we know it. What does the future hold? How long will it last? What will happen once a vaccine is available? Will life return to normal, or will we experience a new normal? What should we do to secure our future? Nobody knows – we have never been through anything like this before. The only surety we have is that the 'old life' may have been good or bad – does not any longer exist. And the only quality we know will serve us well is resilience.

Resilience allows us to deal constructively with change. It is important to recognize that resilience isn't just about being able to deal with negative circumstances. It's also about being ready to make the most of change and new opportunities when they present themselves.

A resilient person feels confident in their ability to adapt to what they can't change and to shape their future where they can positively.

The Resilience Bounce Back Playbook is an online program consisting of 20 straightforward sessions that arm subscribers with simple, effective tools that have all been proven to work with the brain's hardwiring to achieve positive results. The program can be accessed at

The Coronavirus pandemic is upending life as we know it, making resilience one of the most valuable life skills you can have right now. Developing your personal resilience helps you to deal more effectively with the change and uncertainty that have become a part of all our lives.

The upheaval and sense of loss the pandemic has brought, and the uncertainty of our future, have led to an increase in chronic stress. There is ample evidence – and for many of us personal experience - showing that stress leads us to make poor decisions, is damaging relationships, and affecting our health and wellbeing. Managing – or even eliminating – chronic stress is, therefore, an essential step towards becoming more resilient. The Resilience Bounce Back Playbook provides you with detailed exercises that have proven successful.

The good news is that you are not limited by the degree of willpower you were born with. You can train and strengthen your willpower and slow down the willpower depletion rate we all experience when we are tired or stressed. Even if you suffer from weak willpower today, you don't have to live with that – you can change it! Managing your willpower effectively not only helps you realize some of your goals today, but it will also equip you to deal more effectively with any challenges you may face in the future.

To manage or eliminate chronic stress and boost your willpower reserves is a great start. But you may also need to find new, innovative ways of addressing the challenges you are facing. The Resilience Bounce Back Playbook includes a Creativity Program that tells you what you should – and shouldn't – do to lift your creativity, how you can train your mind to be more creative, and introduces you to a range of creative techniques.

Your mind is your greatest asset, and building new capabilities and strengths is an excellent investment in your future. Neurothinking, a behavioral change consultancy, has developed the Resilience Bounce Back Playbook to support you in managing the coronavirus's impact. The Resilience Bounce Back Playbook has been designed to work with your brain's hardwiring to help make the changes you would like to see. Whether that's learning a more constructive response to chronic stress or boosting your willpower or creativity, so you have a better chance of achieving what you want to achieve. And, by the way, it will cost you less than a monthly cup of coffee! You can find the program at

Dr. Peter Steidl is a consultant, author, and educator. He has an M.B.A. and a Ph.D. from the University of Vienna and has carried out assignments in more than 20 countries on five continents. Peter has authored/co-authored 12 books, including 'Smarter, Wiser, Calmer, Focused: Your brain's natural advantage' exploring how our brain's strengths change as we age, and 'Time to Give a F*ck! The Technological Revolution and You' about the impact of new technologies on the future of work and life. Peter has worked on behavioral change projects as a Temporary Advisor to the World Health Organization and as a member of various government agencies and not-for-profit organizations focusing on behavioral change. His behavioral change programs include road safety, physical activity, childhood accident prevention, obesity, and skin cancer prevention. He is currently Principal at Neurothinking, a behavioral change consultancy.

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