State Attorney Aronberg & Sheriff Bradshaw Issue Warning Against Attempts at Voter Intimidation & Election Interferences

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Ballot Box

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2020 / -- Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg and Sheriff Ric Bradshaw issue a warning against attempts at voter intimidation and election interference.

In a joint statement issued on Friday, State Attorney Dave Aronberg and Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said "The right to cast our vote free from intimidation and coercion is perhaps the most sacred aspect of our democracy. The fact that each of us represents one vote demonstrates the paramount value of equality in a just society.

We want to assure the citizens of Palm Beach County that we will be vigilant and proactive in protecting these cherished rights. Voter intimidation will not be tolerated. Law enforcement will respond to any violation of our election laws and the State Attorney's Office will immediately review each case for potential prosecution. This includes any attempt to intimidate, coerce or retaliate against any citizen exercising his or her right to vote, and also includes fraudulent acts such as attempts to cast more than one ballot.

If you see any such violations at the polls, please report them to a poll worker and your local law enforcement agency. Together, we will ensure that our community serves as the model for free and fair elections.

For more information, please contact Michael B. Edmondson 561-355-7263 or Teri Barbera 561-688-3082.

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