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Where major games struggled due to social distancing, sportsbooks are finding new approaches to keeping players indoors

In stressful times, people tend to look for distractions they can find in the form of books, films, television, taking up a new hobby, and often betting.

ESCAZU, SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA, October 19, 2020 / -- The same applies to adults that may be retired or out of a job. The days ahead can look incredibly long with not much to do, so finding hobbies and distractions are welcome, and innovating in these hobbies can make such distractions all the more helpful.

Throughout the lockdown period, the software developed by Pay Per Head took some revolutionary steps forward that made the platform far more engaging. Of course, there were far fewer physical sports going on, with only rare leagues like the Belarussian football league continuing. This didn’t offer much of a broad range of betting opportunities, but two new opportunities for betting markets emerged in the place of traditional sports. eSports and Simulated Sports.

eSports covers a broad range of games and opportunities, with dozens of different genres represented. If you want to have a flutter on something that seems to be football or soccer, you might be best looking into Madden and FIFA tournaments. By comparison, if you want to push the boat out, the large-scale eSports like DotA2, League of Legends and CSGO offer a huge variety of markets, from winners to first kills to the winner of individuals games within the match. These organized online games offer the potential for dozens of untapped markets that players can easily find themselves delving in to.

Unlike eSports which are reliant on human competitors, simulated sports are exclusively simulated between computer AIs based on statistics, and are based on typical sports that you might watch in your day to day life, such as basketball and soccer.

In addition to these options, you can use Pay Per Head software for a variety of other computerized flutters. These include computerized horse racing software for bookies and live seller club gaming on classics such as blackjack and roulette. All of these opportunities mean that bookies using PPH software are getting a huge benefit, as they are able to continue operating throughout lockdowns. That is an invaluable asset in these current times.

As in every other time of crisis, people are turning to distractions. If you’re interested in using PPH software for your business, you’ll be able to operate through whatever difficult times may be on their way, and even use future lockdowns to your advantage as you are able to thrive. If you’re interested in boosting your business with software, get in touch today to access unequaled client support and a high-quality bookie program. When the next emergency hits, you won’t need to worry about the future of your business.

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